In honor of Labor Day

I'm taking the day off.

Be sure to check back tomorrow. It's been an exciting weekend:

• I finished a pinterest project. (Pics to come. I'm trying to get in on one of the KingPin Pinterest challenges...)

• I watched, The Switch, with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston and I thought it was adorable.

• We renewed our Sam's Club membership after letting it lapse for about 2 years SOLELY based on the fact that Sam's Club is the only place in town that sells Johnsonville's Italian brats. (Yes, that's true.) I also bought cheddar cheese with smoked bacon bits in it. Um, ok. Heaven.

• C. finished a Lila project. (Pics to come.)

• Vivienne's first tooth showed up. (There's no way I could get a pic of her little teeny-weeny tooth.)

• Lila didn't sleep at all last night. I think she's sick. (No pic to come.)

• Our courtyard tree is no longer. (Pics to come.)

ENJOY your holiday!



  1. NO COURTYARD TREE!!!??! bacon AND cheese? a tooth? omg!

  2. Bacon? That seems to be the only word I can remember... bacon... yum..... mmmmmmm.

  3. Holy crap. The Pacholski Broughtons household is bustling! I can't wait to see pics.

    (I'm sorry Miss L is sick, though. :( Big boo. Hope you guys get more sleep tonight.)

  4. And to think you use to be vegetarians.
    The swine is a beautiful animal.


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