I love HGTV's Design Star, but...

9/05/2011 08:11:00 PM

Love that show.

As far as the host goes? I can't stand her.
Tanika Ray is gorgeous. (Love her hair.) But I cannot abide her as host.
Her cadence whilst speaking is anything but fluid and smooth. It's choppy and weird.


I'd rather hear more from David Bromstad. (I can't believe I even typed that.)



  1. Do you remember David's early episodes (color splash) where he would always have his shirt off? There was one episode where they shot him waking up in his bed and stretching. Over the top! I wonder why he has to wear a shirt now...

  2. I can't stand David's show or his design aesthetic (most of the time), but I actually like him on Design Star. Also, I feel this season is pretty good - MUCH better than last year.

  3. I agree, I am not a fan of Tanika Ray as a host at all.

    I thought last season SUCKED. I hated the challenges they did. This season is pretty good, though I was mad at who went home this week and not sure who I would rather have win because there are annoying things about both.


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