The cost of beauty... or at least of maintenance.

A while back I was gifted some trial sizes of Kate Somerville facial products and I fell in love. I adore the cleanser and the moisturizer and use them faithfully. Um, they smell delicious and they leave my skin smooth, happy and well-hydrated.

Well, as a HUGE fan of all-things-eye-cream related I tried Kate Somerville's Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream in the sample size.

I have dry skin. It glided on around my eye-area and I fell in love. And I look 20 years younger. This means I look 2 years old. (Joke.)

So then, after 3 days of using the sample I went to sephora to order some.

It's $125.


Before kids, that would have been IN MY CART and ON MY EYES faster than you could find your username and password.

Now? Um. Not so much. $125 is far less than what I just spent out-of-pocket on 2 pediatrician appointments, 6 prescriptions and one ear nose and throat specialist visit in the past 4 days.

Truth? I totally would have rather spent my money on eye cream.


Speaking of face stuff, I also really love California Baby's Calendula Cream. I use it as moisturizer. (I have super-dry skin.) It smells amazing and it doesn't have ANY synthetic ANYTHING in it.

I also put it on any skin issues the girls have -- rashes, red spots, dry spots -- you name it. Bottom line? This moisturizer is a bandaid in a jar. Love it.

And guess what? It's not $125. It's $13.74 on Amazon.



**Nope, I don't get compensated for my product endorsements. But I'd like to. So, someone let Kate Somerville know, um-kay?



  1. I know what you mean. Henry's 2 ER visits are going to cost us a bundle. I would love to get some Le Mer for my old face but I can only afford drugstore stuff these days. Have you tried Origins? I love them and they are a little more reasonable.

  2. If only the things we love were more affordable! I have been dreaming of a bottle of the Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner. I tried a sample size and it was like I had new hair. I'm not joking. This stuff was amazing and my hair has never been so soft or smooth. But it's insanely expensive (for me) and I have long hair... so I would need the big bottles. Still dreaming about those.

    I also use California Baby. I use the calming cream at night and the calming everyday lotion during the day as moisturizer. Love it. I use all the calming stuff on Lily and the calendula as well when she has skin issues. I love their products.

  3. im gonna have to try the cali cream stuff. thanks for the advice.

  4. Good to know!

    Also, California Baby is in desperate need of a packaging re-design.


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