Blackberry photos

I often wonder if I'm the only person left on earth who still uses a blackberry.

My excuse is that it's for work.

That said, because it's that kind of morning, I thought I'd craft a VERY exciting post showing you some recent photos from the 'ole blackberry. (Photos taken by myself or by C. and then shared with me.)

Remember, the photos are of eh-quality.


This is Vivienne. She'll be 8 months old in 4 days. She likes to climb. And she has delicious thighs.

This is Lila. I posted this on my facebook page too but had to re-share.


She's cool like that.

(How cute is she in her school uniform shirt?)

I have yet to learn the proper ratio of water to swiss miss in my instant {and oh-so-good-for-me} hot chocolate. So, I am forced to open an additional packet and mix in half of it.

There are worse things.

Oddly, I chose to drink that hot chocolate on the same day that my car's thermometer said it was this hot.

Vivienne's favorite toy: an empty water bottle.


Lila reading to Vivienne. Um. Cute.

Lila was invited to her first birthday party at school. She's kind of pumped. I don't know who this Caren is, but word on the street is that I have to send Lila to school with a gift.

I don't even know if I like this kid or not.

There's was a cat outside of my house this morning. Meowing. Really loudly. I'm not a cat fan.

That's all for now. ;)



  1. I love your blurbby post! Your girls are too cute. I love the upside down sunnies.

    I would be annoyed that you have to send a gift to school. Hopefully you don't have too spend much?

    It's so cold here already. Well not today (it's in the 70's) but it's going to drop to the 50's tomorrow and stay that way for a week. Brrrr!

  2. My husband and I still use a Blackberry too. I do not want to get rid of mine because I can't stand touch screen phones. They drive me nuts and I suck at using them. My husband has the new Blackberry that has a touch screen, but still has the keyboard, and it takes much better phones and HD video.

    You are not alone. ;)

    Love all the photos!

    (sometimes I wish Mexico was next door so our girls could terrorize together)

  3. *much better PHOTOS. Not 'phones'. Long day so far, sorry. ;)

  4. I want to be your friend on facebook. Ha, you crack me up.


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