Vivienne Viernes: Almost 7 months old.

*Note: "Viernes" means, "Friday" in Spanish. Below is my regular update about my sweetie. Interested in seeing more Vivienne Viernes? Click here.

Oh boy, Vivienne is changing. Girlfriend be growing.

No more swaddling. She's now chillin' in the halo sleepsacks.

Teething/drooling is happening like crazy.

Sitting up in in full effect with less tipsiness.

And finally, she's chatting like crazy... even joining in with her big sister when she "sings"[yells]. I love hearing that voice...

She also has a new face.

She unveiled it this week. I'm in lurve.

(The water table is the perfect pool for a six-month-old.)

Vivienne also likes to rock a mohawk. Style? She has it.

Necessary side view.

Wheels? She's has those, too.

She can get around quite well in her little speedster.

Clearly she appreciates the freedom, look at that face.

She loves food.

New this week?
Zucchini. Mum Mums. An Earth's best Teething biscuit.

See those sad eyes?

They're teething related. Boo.


See that push up? Someone WANTS to crawl.

C. and I have a deal that whoever sees her crawl first will push her down so that she doesn't start that nonsense.

In this house we prefer non-mobile babies.

Oh, poor Vivienne.

Here Lila is giving her a "shot" in her head.


I think that first picture says it all.

I was playing with my camera and the settings/flash...

Oh, that sweet girl...

Vivienne and I would like to wish you a very happy weekend.



  1. Oh my goodness. These pictures. . . all of them. . . are just amazing. She is looking so "grown up" and it seems like it happened so fast.

    I love the first pic and the expression on her face when she is getting her shot. I just love seeing your girls together!

  2. You are going to love it when they get older and can play together. It's the most precious thing. She looks so much like you!!! What a pretty baby and I'm not just saying that. :-)

  3. Oh goodness, that last photo may be the cutest baby photo ever. I love the color of her eyes. So unique.

  4. picture #2 wins. once they could start sitting i was a smitten kitten. (i'm not a huge fan of floppy baby phase)

  5. I love her eyes- they are such a neat color. Is it weird to love the picture with the drool? I do. So there.

  6. Um. That last look is per.fec.tion.

    Your kids have THE BEST looks. :)

    I want to smooch her! She's so grown up!

  7. oh, sweet Vivi. She is getting so big, but i love that she still has the full-on baby look (for now). i want to just squeeze her.

  8. I'm so happy we share Vivi babies.

    Yours is simply lovely.


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