Vivienne Viernes.
6 months still...

*Note: "Viernes" means, "Friday" in Spanish. Below is my regular update about my sweetie. Interested in seeing more Vivienne Viernes? Click here.

Dear sweet Vivienne Kate,

I hope that you don't ever think that I'm a bad mama because I haven't been keeping track of your age in weeks anymore... Sure, I might have done so the first time around, but just know that your Mommy is so much more relaxed this second time around. Relaxed and calm. (I was a bit nervous with your big sister.)

Instead of counting your weeks, my sweet precious Vivi Cakes, your Mommy's been counting your smiles.

'Tis a better expenditure of time, no?

Each week I could go on and on about how much I love you, sweet muffin pants. And in all honesty, you deserve exactly that because I love you more and more each second I have you in my life.

Why? Because you're a dear.

And that smile?

When I'm away from you... when I'm sitting at my desk at work... when I'm driving somewhere and you're not with me... I think of that smile. And it makes me smile.

And it makes my heart ache to be near you.

Right now, Vivienne Kate, you're inquisitive. You're excited and interested in everything around you.

And, you happen to have the cutest pigs around.

You're getting to be SUCH a big girl... but sweet baby. You're still so teeny.

(I love how you've got your hands placed every so gently... you sat like this for about ten minutes as I watered plants. Just quietly watching... just being...)

You love your big sister's new bear. I pretty much love how the bear's foot is bigger than you.

You love being with your sister. Now, it's not just an, "Oh, she's nice. I love my sister. She's cool." kind of affinity...

Sweet, Vivienne, you simply cannot take your eyes off of her. Ever. It's true. I even sometimes struggle feeding you when Lila is around (she always is) and when Lila's talking (she always is) because you turn your head and must be staring at her.

I repeat: your eyes must always be on her.

You also have a pretty sweet relationship with your doggie. You're soft and kind and lovely to Ferg. I think you're a dog person. Already. (Which you know makes me proud.) Ferg snuggles up to you quite often, too... and you lightly graze your arm or your foot over her...

Example of your love for Ferg is evidenced below:  your Daddy is holding you and you are holding Ferg.


Here you are, my dear, on your stomach.

My baby girl, I've learned to dress you and diaper you while you're on your belly. Is it easy? Um, no. Is it awkward? Yes. But I'll tell you what, it's necessary. You hate being on your back.

That's cool. I get it. You're an itty-bitty woman after my heart. You're on the move. You've got places to go and people to see. I get it. (I'm a busybody, too.)

Precious Vivienne Kate, oh... baby girl... you love to eat. Again, you're a woman after my own heart.

Your sister also likes to pretend feed you.

Sadly, you fall for it every time.

 And I think Lila gets some enjoyment out of it, too.

You're not exactly crawling yet (omg - you're SIXMONTHSOLD!), but you're definitely creeping.  What I mean is that we can put you down and 30 seconds later you're 8 feet from where we put you usually wedged underneath a chair or an ottoman. :) All in all, you've got a distinctive commando crawl happening and you're able to get anywhere you want to be.

And you're able to get in to anything and everything...

Ah, avocado. Vivienne, you love avocado.

Here you are happily accepting a spoonful of avocado from Lila.

And, here you are demonstrating your incredible ab strength.

My little angel, you are loved.

Your Mommy



  1. She is SO sweet! Ah...these photos and the descriptions make me think of my girls several months back. I can't wait to see how much MORE V starts to adore L as she moves about. Trust me, your heart will explode. Sisters are so precious.

  2. What a sweet girl!

    I need more babies in polka dot hats in my life.

  3. I love sisters. I love moms of other sisters. I feel like we're part of a super duper club. Sassy is right. As they get bigger together you're heart will BURST.

    For some reason Vivi falling for the old empty spoon trick made me laugh out loud.

    I can't wait to see them :)

  4. She looks just like you!! Pretty baby. ;-)

  5. What a sweet post and what a sweet little girl....I seriously can't wait to meet her!

    The picture where she has her hands on her chair - so precious. And my heart about melted at the one of her holding Ferg with that huge smile on her face! Come on, really. So sweet.

    You have some sweet girls there and I love seeing the pictures of them interacting. LOVE IT.

  6. That last photo is so YOU I can hardly stand it. I adore how much your Vivi looks like you AND resembles her big sister.

    Everything about this post gave me the warm fuzzies. :)

  7. Oh Ky, she is just beautiful. I LOVE the pic with Ferg. Her expressions are so vibrant and real. What a sweetie you have on your hands.

    I will have to agree about those pigs. . . they are perfect!!


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