'Twas a good day.

8/17/2011 09:41:00 AM
Yesterday was filled with goodness.

Thank you for all of the kind words and birthday wishes. You're cool.

The day started with taking Miss Lila to her new school to meet her teacher. (School starts in two weeks!)

Then we went to a local bakery and ate bread. Lots of it. And Lila wouldn't pose with me.

Then we dropped Lila off and we headed to the beach. (Oily face = sunscreen. Ignore, please. My husband is soooo cute.)

I got a new hat.

Then we drank champagne on the beach.

For four, glorious hours we sat in our beach chairs and talked and read magazines and just relaxed.

It appears that God was smiling on me yesterday.

It also appeared that this fella, which is not Craig, liked to stand directly in front of  us for quizzically long periods of time.

This bird (ack!) liked to hang out near us, too.

Speedos and birds. Awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KYLEE!

See my eyes below?

They're the only part of my body that didn't get burnt.

I avoid the sun like the plague, but re-applying non-sunscreen over and over again doesn't help anything.

Here's the issue. I recently bought some new sunscreen and was SO EXCITED to try it. As it turns out, it was "sunscreen lotion" and NOT actual SUNSCREEN. [insert gasp]

There's a difference, kids. a BIG difference.

Creative positioning, no?

The day ended with baby hugs and cuddles, chocolate cake and ceviche.

It was perfection.



  1. That sounds like the perfect day! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Even with the speedo guy and bird :)

    (Lila starts school in two weeks - WHAT! That is crazy. Is she excited?)

  3. This post made me so happy. :) What a perfect day!

    (And I love the hat! :))

  4. Also, I love that Lila's school is bright blue. Gorgeous.

  5. Happy Birthday, again. The first photo of Lila is precious. Frame it! I also love your new profile pic of you and the sunshine guy (unsure of his actual character name).

    Craig is a dear!

  6. What a fun day! That sounds perfect. I LOVE that photo of you two at the bakery.

  7. sounds like an incredible day and the water looks awesome.

  8. Glad you had a good birthday! I got a sunburn today, too- Ibuprofen is helping. I should mention I'm allergic to aloe. Neat. :-)

  9. so glad you had a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!

    sunscreen lotion isn't sunscreen?? wtf? how misleading.

    love all the pics :)



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