This pains me.

8/12/2011 09:23:00 PM

That shirt.
Oh, that shirt.

It's a reptile print. And, it appears to be cinched with one of those Texas-style tie-things. You know, the ones that just have two twisted/braided leather pieces hanging down? Like what Randy Travis wears.

And that purse? Stop it.

This whole look makes me sad.

Very sad.

And, you're Kim Kardashian. You know that the minute you leave your house the paparazzi are going to be all over you. (Perhaps they're all looking for what we're looking for... some sort of discernible skill or talent outside of sex tapes.)

Where's your recyclable canvas shopping tote? Plastic ain't cool. It's 2011. We all know this -- even those of us who live in Mexico and just started recycling in December of 2010.

[heavy sigh...]

It's August.
Those are black fringed pants. They look like chimney cleaners and/or the bottle brush I use on Vivienne's bottles.





  1. Are those pants or boots? Either way they are strange. She tries waaaay too hard. Would look best in jeans and nice top.

  2. I feel that she is ridiculous. Her clothes, but also just HER in general.

    Those pants are crap.

  3. And she was just judging fashion on Project Runway, right?


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