Think of me.

8/29/2011 07:00:00 AM
As you read this I am dropping off and leaving my child at her first-ever day of school...

This expression says it all.



  1. Oh deary me! I can't believe she's starting school and she looks SO OLD in that photo!

    I don't think I'll ever be OK with the whole "dropping off at school" thing ... it just always feels so weird. They're in someone else's hands. They fend for themselves. Ahhhh!

    Lila will do AWESOME today and when you see her after school she will be full of so many stories about her day!

    (Did you cry?)

  2. Un.Believable. I cannot believe this time has come!

    I know it'll be tough on you -- she will love it, though, and you will make it. :) And you will be SO proud of her!

    Hang in there, friend.

    (That picture is FANTASTIC. The hat, the hair, the expression... Love it.)

  3. Oh my... GOOD LUCK. I tried to text you this morning on blackberry messenger and didn't let me =(

    Take a ton of pics! It's ok if you cried (I did). Big day for the B Family today!!! Love, love, love!

  4. as i said on FB last night - NO WAY!!!

    can't wait to hear all about it and i can hardly believe it.

    much love to all of you, miss

  5. HUGS! I totally feel for you...we have one more week over here. I hope it goes well for both of you!!!

  6. Little lady Lila off to school?! Good luck, I'm sure she will love it! let's hope so, right?!

    can't wait to see you guys in october!


  7. Oh My. That face is priceless!

  8. How did it go? That first time is so hard!!! xoxo

  9. love it. that's the best first day of school photo. ever. :)

  10. I feel ya! Hope the day went well.


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