"So... how'd it go?!"
Update on Lila's first day of school

8/29/2011 08:36:00 PM
So, it was cute.

This morning Lila opened our bedroom door, as she does every morning, and came into our room to say, "Mornin' Momma. Mornin' Daddy," carrying her new school shoes that she affectionately calls her "pinks."

We had laid out her school uniform, including her pinks, the night before and she was so excited to put her new shoes on that clearly they were the first thing she was thinking of this morning.

What a sweetie.

While we were getting her dressed, it just seemed like she was so proud. She knew that today was her day.

When it was time to leave, we handed her her lunchbag and she.was.ready.


Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Her uniform is that pink shirt with either a jean skirt or jean shorts with socks and tennis shoes. That skirt? It's a size 18 months.

Of course she had to pose with Daddy and Mommy.

(She had just kissed my cheek.)

She was excited the whole way there. I kept asking her, "Lila, are you ready to go to school? It's going to be sooo great! Are you ready?" And she was like, "Yeah! I go."

Then we got there.

And she was still happy... but cautious and not totally in to my paparazzi-nonsense.

There she is standing at the front gate... then within the courtyard.

She was just so sweet... she was just looking around and taking it all in.

A little boy tried talking to her. She talked to him briefly then walked away.

(That's my girl.)

 And then it was time for kisses goodbye.

I told her, "Well, we need to leave now" and she said, "No. Lila no go bye bye."

She wanted to stay.


(She's holding on to my arm.)

And that was it.

She started to whimper a bit, but her teacher scooped her up and off they went.

And did I cry? Believe it or not, no. I got a bit of lump in my throat when we left, though.

It just didn't feel natural leaving my baby there. (Remember, I've never had to do the daycare thing since I'm lucky enough that my babies are taken care of in my home... Tough stuff.)

But my little independent lady made me so proud...

...and I couldn't WAIT until we picked her up at 1:30 p.m.

(I think I thought about her at least 500 times from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.)


Picking her up was SO great. We were the first parents there. (Surprise.)

And my sweet girl was so pleased to see us...

...that she started SOBBING and yelling, "Mommy!!!" when she saw me.

(No more pics. Mommy had to hug her baby.)

She just cried and cried. I think the emotion of the day caught up with her. That, and well, she was exhausted. She could barely keep her eyes open in the car.

She came home and slept and when I asked her if she wanted to go back to school tomorrow,  she said "Yes. No. Yes. No. Yeah."

So, I guess I'll take that as an affirmative.


Ah, this parenting thing...


The rest of the pictures are here on my flickr account.



  1. My gosh, she looks so big, yet so little all at the same time. I love how she stayed so strong right up until the end, when she saw you, and then just lost it. What a brave little girl. I bet it was a rush of emotion and exhaustion.

    This made me get tears in my eyes. Can't believe how fast these little girls are growing up. :(

  2. What a brave girl! I LOVE the pictures! Does she go to school every day? I'm just curious - is it a bilingual school?

  3. Ohhh -- I totally cried most of the way through this. :) I can't believe what a big, brave girl you have! Her uniform is ADORABLE. Please! So sweet.

    I love that she enjoyed herself but was so overcome with emotion upon seeing her Mommy. *heart tug*

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!!! That Lila is just too cute for words. Oh, how it makes me miss the preschool days with Alex, enjoy every minute! Hugs to you friend :)

  5. I just love everything about this. The excitement, the uniform, the smiles (and the tears). She just went from age 2 to 8 in this post.

    I also love that she's getting a jump on her education. This is very important.

    (I feel your pain. It's so hard to leave your baby, no matter the length of time.)

  6. How adorable - I love your words that go along with this. Not being a parent, it is really heartwarming to read your thoughts and acccount of this important day. I would dare someone not to smile or cry at the pic of Lila hugging C.

    I also need to know if this is a bilingual school.

    Sidenote - how CUTE is her uni?

  7. Louis and I have been talking about this and aren't sure how she can possibly be in school. When I picture her I picture a baby. So it's like there's a tiny baby sitting at a school desk.

    See? Not possible.

  8. My goodness, it's crazy to try and picture her in school! But so very awesome - an overwhelming and exciting and ALL THOSE EMOTIONS!

    What a big girl.


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