Not just any Monday...

8/22/2011 03:08:00 AM

I think that in life, if your're lucky enough, you find people who just get you.

You know who I'm talking about.

The ones who cry when you cry. The ones where nothing is off-limits. The ones who tell you what you need to hear, even though you might not want to hear it. The ones who don't GASP when you swear. The ones who are happy for you when good things happen. The ones whom when you think of them, you just smile... from your head to your toes.

Meet my friend, Written Permission.

It's her birthday today. We're both leos. This means that we both know how awesome we are. :) Seriously, though - it's especially true for W.P.

Dear friend, I could write pages upon pages, but you know how I feel about you.

I love you.
I am happy you were born.
I hope today is beyond lovely...



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