Nope. Absolutely not.

8/27/2011 01:01:00 PM
So. Kim Kardashian got married to that guy who plays basketball.

I've heard some people [read: the people on E!] state that they felt this was the, "Wedding of the Year" and I've even heard that the Kardashian wedding touted as America's "Royal Wedding."


Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kim Kardashian getting married is as important to me as Christopher Knight ("Peter" from The Brady Brunch) divorcing that one girl who won "America's Next Top Model" a hundred years ago.



That said, let's talk about what we've seen of Kim's dress already.


I'm bored.

The headpiece was terrible. (I googled, "Armenian wedding traditions" in an attempt to understand why she choose that particular head decor and came up empty handed.)


The dress was boring.
The tule was intense.

Thus far, I'm not impressed.




  1. I heard someone on the radio talking about this and liked what they said. Something along the lines of, "You can't possibly compare the K's wedding to the Royal Wedding. Who is Kim Kardashian? What has she done? Nothing. She's a reality TV star and they are publicizing this wedding to make $$$. Will and Kate were publicized because Will is part of the ROYAL FAMILY. There's a difference." True 'dat. :-)

  2. I like random Saturday posts. . . especially posts like this that make me laugh at the obvious.

    I agree completely.

  3. Completely agree! It drives me crazy that she and her family are as rich as they are from stupid reality crap! I wish the whole Kardashian group would vanish from the media.

    Will and Kate were the wedding of the year. Period.

  4. HA HA! I didn't know they got divorced. See? That's exactly your point. And I don't care about this wedding either. But I will look at the pictures of the dress/wedding, just to see how ostentatious it was :)


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