MexMo: Some good 'ole fashioned Mexico moments

A while back I talked about the curb that I had to walk over on my way to the gym.

See the post here. This is the pic:

Well, the curb was actually replaced. (See in the background.)
And now there's this.
A 3ft. tall pile of dirt.
In the middle of a parking lot.
It's been there for about 3 weeks.

Next, we recently have gone to the local waterpark a couple of times. (It's fantastic.)

This is spray-painted in the eating area.

In español it's declaring that, "Use of the pool is ok a half an hour after you eat."

I love that this old wive's tale spans the nations and the languages.

Finally, I just re-found this photo on my phone. When Trophy Life was in town we stopped at a tiendita (small store) in downtown San Jose and ran across this duo.

Yes, those condoms in the middle come with a shaver.

How fantastic is that?

That's all for now. No worries, I'm sure there will be more.



  1. The condoms with shaver is hysterical...

  2. ahhhahahahaaa!!! i totally forgot about the razor/condom combo. too bad the cashier guy thought you were whacko.

    overall, i find the combo disturbing on a hilarious level.

  3. Of course who wouldn't need to shave before using a condom?


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