Me and the Royals are tight

I had a dream last night about the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge. (Of course I did.)

I was talking on the phone to the Duke and apparently I was interviewing him?

I asked Will why it is that when his wife was his fiance, she went by, "Kate" and now that she's a duchess/Duchess she goes by "Catherine".

I feel that Catherine is a lovely name, however, I feel that Kate is more approachable.

And then I asked him to elaborate on the decision making process regarding the spelling of Catherine versus Kate.

I would prefer that the first letter of her given name be used in her nickname: Catherine should be Cate, not Kate. I just don't like it.

But then Will reminded me that men with the first name "Robert" oftentimes go by "Bob."

He had a point...


We agreed to disagree.


P.S. I'd like to recognize Kate for re-wearing dresses and various other pieces in her wardrobe. I like that about her. Thanks for not being stuffy. Way to keep it real, Duchess.



  1. I love her. She's so...normal?

    My FIL's given name is Charles. I was introduced to him as Chuck, but his family members call him... Bob. Because his middle name is Robert. I was so confused when we first started going to family events!

    I agree about Kate vs. Cate. Keep it uniform! :-)

  2. HAHAHA! I love you....this post just made me smile!!

    You did have some very valid questions in your dream! I too was wondering about the Kate/Catherine thing and totally agree that it doesn't make sense why she isn't Cate. Good interviewing :)

  3. It's Kate with a K and not a C like Catherine, because in England (and other countries in the empire), their monogram W&C stands for "water closet", which is the bathroom. Somehow it isn't the image Wills and Kate were going for. ;)

  4. I love you. :)

    Of course you were interviewing the royals. Of course.

  5. You are just awesome.


    Enough said.


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