Lila Lunes

Note: "Lunes" means, "Monday." Below is one of my many regular Monday updates about my first born sweetie pie, Lila Ross.


My Lila, Oh, my Lila.

Your vocabulary has EXPLODED in the past four days. Sure, you understand anything I say to you... you even know what's going on in Español... But you're starting to actually say words that you've never said before : coffee, purple, plum, milk, help, pink, shampoo, wipes, diapers... "I wanna go pool. Lila want pool. Mommy, LILA WANT POOL."


Gotcha. You want to swim.

And, Vivienne is no longer, "Diddy." Nope, you've added a syllable. She's "Diddy-enne" now.

It's cute.

You color like it's your job, sweet Lila. Markers are your fave.

You're insulted if I hand you a crayon.

You also got your very own table and you love it.

You eat there, play there, color there... It's by far one of the best purchases we've made in a long time.

You love to be all up in Mommy's stuff: my makeup, sunglasses, shoes, purses, computer, iPod, iPad... you name it. If it's Mommy's, you want it.

While I was gone at BlogHer, your Daddy made these posterboards for you to color on you and you LOVE them. (How great are these?)

Oh, sweet pickle... it rained this week. And you loved it.

It certainly doesn't rain her very often and I believe this is the first time you've seen it since you were a widdle, itty-bitty baby.

I could actually hear your heart singing.

This is your, "Smile at Mommy" face.

Your water table has been converted into a small personal pool. You love to sit in it. You fit, I can't argue with you.

You were posing in your new swimsuit. :) You and pink are best friends.

Lila Ross, you are the sweetest big sister EVER. You are always doing your best to make your sister smile. Here you are chatting at her. You're in the courtyard, she's in the house. The squealing of delight by Vivienne was just too much. You're a bit blurry because you were wiggling back and forth saying, "OOOOhhhh... Diddy-enne! Diddy-enne! Hi Diddy-enne!"

She adores you.

Because you're great.

I love your hair. (Pony tail holder was a gift form Aunt Bai. Straight from the, "Happiest Place on Earth", DisneyLand.)

You and Pam the iPad are amigas. Your favorite app right now is, Paint my Wings by Toca Boca. It's great.

You like to pretend like you're sleeping. All the time. It's hilarious.

A few days ago you actually took your pillow and a blanket out to the courtyard and "slept" out there for a while. We had to look for your pillow at your real bedtime.

You're also full of the drama. Here you are losing it because we told you it was time for bed.

"NO! I no wanna bed."

(That's ok, because we weren't offering you a bed. We were actually telling you that it was time for bed.)

Further drama.

Full-blown drama.

Please note that there is not even one visible tear.

This is because you were faking it like you're an actress on a Telemundo soap opera.

Oh Lila, I can't tell you how much fun you are. You make me smile

I love you so much, sweet girl. So much.

yo mama



  1. i love the drama, i can't help but laugh. secretly, of course.

  2. I love the drama in the end of this post because that is SO Sophia. It's so funny. We had a grocery store clerk once ask us if she was auditioning for a soap opera because she wanted to buy candy and I told her "no". They are SO good at it though, right? So good.

  3. Such a sweetheart! I loved the pic of her and V!

  4. Oh Diddy-enne kills me. The joy from the rain makes me die. The cute death from the ladies in our family is too much to bear.

  5. I laughed out loud several times during this post - especially when you pointed out that there were no tears with the drama.

    Logan loves to pretend he's sleeping lately too, and I think it's hilarious. He even "snores" and "sleepwalks."

    Miss Lila is just too cute!

  6. Love that little table. It's so much nicer than the one we got from Ikea. :-)

  7. I adore the tearless cry -- and LOVE that you have a dramatic daughter. Because of course you do. :)

    Love, love, love seeing her with her Diddy (I MEAN).

  8. Did your husband draw those posterboards? They are awesome! I would like to place an order, please. :-) Anna has the same big sister shirt, and the same obsession with markers. Crayons are so... 1990s?

  9. The poster boards are incredible. Cheers to C!

    I love the pink bathing suit. Chanelle would ask for one if she saw it. Oh, what sweet girls you have!


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