Lila Lunes: She's two.

Oh, my dear readers. How can I completely stop my Lila Lunes posts? I can't. I've got to share the cuteness and craziness that is Lila.

Snapshot of Lila at this point in her 25 months:

She's always jabbering. Always. Is it spanish? Nope. Is it English? Eh, sort of. But it is incessant. There is never not communication coming from those lips. (I don't know who she gets that from. Craig is quite a talker.)

She loves to "meat" (eat). She eats all day long. Below Lila's eating at her seat at the table since she's so graciously given her sister her high chair.

    She loves jewelry.

      She loves to read, too. Out loud, of course.

      She knows how to open door knobs now. (Boo.)The other night she came out of her room about 2 hours after she went to bed and was wearing nothing but jewelry and declared, "Lila all done night night." It was fantastic.

      She loves to eat noodles, swim, go to Costco, color, play with stickers, sing and use chalk. Altogether, she likes to be busy. As evidenced by her room. Which actually isn't so bad. (Must have been a good day.) I love how there are dog toys and Vivienne toys in her room, too.

        She loves to entertain her sister. I mean, loves it. It's so fun, they're starting to "play" together. Lila talks or sings to her and Vivienne is mesmerized and just stares at her and smiles. They're pretty much best friends.

          Here are some more pics:

          The other day I just so happened to look over and saw this...

          Of course it made me smile. Then I saw Lila lean forward and kiss Vivienne.

          Melt my heart, why don't you?

          My little mimic.

          Snuggling with me.

          I love her closed-eyes pictures still.

          Lila loves playing with her cousins Bella and Brody. They're fun. :)

          My sweet baby girl. I can't believe how much she's grown.

          The stars aligned or something this past week and this happened:


          Kissing her baby sister.

          Those hands... Lila just wouldn't let her go. (Yes, that's Ferg on the left getting in on the love.)

          P.S. I painted her fingernails for the first time ever this past week. She asked me to do it. :)

          And, this past weekend Lila got a FANTASTIC surprise from her Aunt T. and cousin, Chloe. 

          Pardon the photos, I had the camera on a weirdo setting and didn't realize it until it was all over with.

          That's my sister. And the nearly 5-foot-tall surprise. Lila is sitting in her chair with her eyes closed. (Chloe came in first to tell Lila to close 'em. Awesome.)

          This would be Lila looking... not so sure... "What's going on? I should be in bed. You're here? Awesome. But what's going on?"

          Still not so sure. What's going on?

          Starting to get THRILLED... "OH MY GOSH. Whose bear is that?"

          Done. She's thrilled. It's official. "THIS IS MINE?"

          She hugged him. Then sat back down and held his hand. (So cute.)

          I think it took a few moments for it to actually sink in, though...

          Chloe and a GIGANTIC bear in ONE NIGHT? Stop it. She can't handle it. (Love this pic.)

          So you can understand the sheer scale of this bear. Here he is in Lila's bed.

          She's in love.

          'Tis true, 'tis true: life is good in Lila's world.




          1. The bear sleeping in Lila's bed made me laugh out loud. So funny. She reminds me so much of S a year ago. Precious. You are going to have SO MUCH fun with her this year. 2 is a great age!

          2. LOVE that huge bear and the beautiful pics of L with V. (love the blue watch color, as well; you'll get many compliments on it, i'm sure).

          3. Love the pics you got of them together!! Their shirts are sooo cute!!

            Oh my goodness - that is a big bear!!

          4. So cute! Love that Hug book. The bear scares me. I want you to write my name in chalk.


          5. i adored the updates on both of your lovely ladies. they're beautiful, and look like and the pics... keep 'em coming. when it comes to the babes, there's no such thing as cute overload! :)

          6. That bear is out of control. Nicholas would be rolling all over it, wrestling it. The sister picks are adorable. V. Is sitting up really well it seems.

          7. Big sister/little sister photos with Vivi's hand hooked around Lila's arm? STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I cannot take the sweetness.

            That bear is fantastic. And Lila gets extra points for being immediately smitten vs. terrified (OMG that bear is huge).

          8. She's such a doll. And sassy. And her hair is so long! Too fun :)

          9. What a sweet girl.

            That photo with the flower in her hair...she looks so grown up!

            And the pictures with her little sister. Um, ADORABLE. I mean really, how cute and sweet are they. (I love the one were Vivi is holding Lila's arm...adorable.)

            I can't believe how grown up she looks.

            And how cute is she with that gigantic bear?! Awesome, just awesome.


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