iPads. And Apps that my toddler likes.

8/30/2011 10:01:00 AM

Yes. I let my two-year-old play with my iPad.
Why? Well, because sometimes Mommy needs to read to get ready for work/have quiet time.

So, before I get into Lila's favorite apps, let me tell you about my cover that I'm currently quite happy with. (See above.)

When C. originally bought me Pam (my iPad), he bought me the orange "smart" cover. It took about 2 days to realize that it offers nothing in the way of protection.

So, when we were in the States in July we get this little bad boy from Brookstone and we LOVE it. It clips on to the face of the iPad and you can stand it up in 3 different positions. It's great. And, it's not bulky but provides adequate protection. My only complaint? It doesn't come in orange.

You can't have it all.

I also highly recommend the clear plastic full-screen protectors... they're fantastic for grubby little toddler hands.

Moving on...

Here are some of Lila's faves.

Couldn't live without:
Paint my Wings: This is the highlight of Lila's world. You can paint butterflies wings and it mirrors whatever you do on one side of the wings on the other. I've played it. I like it. So cute. Totally worth .99. LOVE this app.

Talking Hippo: Ah, this hippo is so cute and Lila has conversations with this little animal on a regular basis. It echos whatever your child says in a cute voice. You can feed it carrots, put its' pacifier back in her mouth, watch her blow up a balloon and hear her sneeze. I think it is by far the BEST "talking" app out there. Definitely worth .99.

Bubbles Magic. You can create and pop bubbles all day long, if you want. Sometimes, Lila needs this. $2.99

Paint Sparkles. Lila quite likes this. It's free for the "blank canvas" but they get the $$$ from you by having you buy pages for the kids to color. Free.

Elmo Loves ABC's. Truth? I can't stand Elmo's voice after six minutes, but Lila adores him. Super cute app. Lila thinks that Elmo is talking directly to her and converses with him every time she opens this app. It's $4.99 and I think that kids 4 and 5 would get more out of this one.

Peekaboo Wild. The animals hide in the grass, etc. then "peek" out. When they peek out, the app says the name of the animal, "zebra" and so on. $1.99

Shape Puzzle for Kids. This one is a little beyond her, but it was free and she likes to put the animal puzzles together when I help her.

Talking Carl. Lila has conversations with this little guy who echos everything your toddler says in a "funny" voice. I'm a bigger fan of Talking Hippo (above), though. Cost: .99.

Zoola. This one shows animals, various photos, and makes the sounds. Lila quite enjoys this one and thinks the animals are great. $2.99.

Not her fave.
Cat in the Hat lite. I'll be honest, I like this one. But, a two-year-old is still too young to listen to this narrated version of cat in the hat. Cute though... and free!

Learning that I like.
iTot Cards: Flashcards for animals, shapes, colors, etc. So fun. Love this one. $1.99

Teach Me Toddler:  This is a bit beyond Lila, but she'll grow with it. It teaches numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc. She doesn't have the patience for it just yet.



  1. I'm going to have to save this for later. I'm hoping to get an Ipad for Christmas this year!

  2. try the toy story interactive book, the monster at the end of this book (delightful!!!), and pat the bunny. each are a few bucks but some of jude's favorites. hallmark has its own books based on some stuffed animal series they have. you can download the books without the stuffies. jingle (their christmas book from last year) is his favorite, oh how i hate reading jingle over and over and over. but. they're well done and FREE.

  3. Both of my kids like Peekaboo Barn better than Peekaboo Wild. I'm not sure why, but I wonder if it's because they see those animals more often.

  4. Anna loves the Duck Duck Moose apps- not sure if they have them for iPad but if they do, check them out. :-)

  5. I got to play with Heidi's iPad all weekend and it was amaizng. I am starting to resent my laptop.

  6. Joss LOVES playing with Ryan's iPhone, and I so badly wish we had an iPad (I'm hoping Christmas maybe) I'm amazed at how these little toddlers can handle technology!


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