In less than 36 hours...

Yeah, I'm not sure if you know, but I'm kind of a dork.

I really enjoy technology, computers... and blogging.

It was only natural that I consider attending my first ever blogging conference. So, on Thursday my breastpump and I are off to San Diego for, "BlogHer 2011."




But it's true. I'm pumped. (Tee hee. Get it? Breastpump?)

The truth is, I bought this ticket before I had Vivienne because I knew that I would never buy my ticket after I had her. Who wants to leave their nursing six-month-old for a few days? Oy. I'll be honest, it ain't going to be easy. (Note: Lila will be fine without me.) Nor am I going to enjoy pumping EVERY FOUR HOURS (except through the night) while I'm there.  However, I'm sure in a group of 3k women I won't be the only one carrying around my breastpump and iPad, but seriously? I'm considering writing a letter to Medela and imploring them to change the name of the pump I use.

"The Medela Pump in style" breastpump?

As if.

There is nothing "in style" about this machine or this bag.

And trust me, I've already looked to see if there is ANY way on God's green earth that I could remove the important parts and throw it in a more aesthetically-pleasing bag, but it appears that the Medela folks are on a mission to make nursing moms look boring and uncool: they sewed the pump into the bag. Boo. Hiss.

I want function, of course I do. BUT I WANT CUTE, too.

Yet another reminder: you can't have it all, Kylee. You just.can'

I digress. So more about BlogHer.

What's BlogHer? 

Well, I don't really know, but according to that picture above it's a bunch of women sitting around on laptops and not interacting with one another. (Tee hee. This picture from the blogher website made me laugh.)

Seriously, though from what I hear, it's a conference of about 3k women bloggers -- from small-timers with a few readers to fancy-schmanies who think they rule the blogging world. It appears that we'll all get together to learn, network, have fun and be offered copious amounts of free stuff from vendors and brands who want us to write about their wares and services on our various blogs.

It's the real deal. And you're even supposed to take business cards to make it legit. (See mine below.) (It makes me smile even writing that. It's true. You're definitely legit if you have a business card.)

I hear there's cliques and stuff. I also hear that there are great parties. (I don't know why, but I keep thinking about Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and Jon Krasinski's character from The Office attending the Dunder-Mifflin paper conference and having those crazy, weird "room" parties complete with strobe lights where they just stand around awkwardly whilst wearing embroidered logo polo shirts drinking pre-mixed margaritas and making small talk. I'm totally hoping that's what this turns out to be. Kidding.)

I'm super-excited. I don't know a soul. Well, I do know one soul, however we've never actually met in real life. We're rooming together. May the force be with Grumbles and Grunts. I hope she doesn't think I'm too weird or that I use far too many nighttime preventative maintenance anti-aging products.

I'm going into this whole thing with zero to low expectations. I find this to be the best way for me to operate. I've chosen this M.O. for some of the major milestones and experiences in my life and find that not visualizing what I think something is going to be and merely riding on Aslyn's back and letting the experience happen is the best way to go. (Here, here to the Chronicles of Narnia.) Moving to Mexico, pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding -- zero expectations = super happy results.

So, off I will go. Excited.

Ok, I'm a little concerned.

I'm a little concerned about what I'm going to wear...

(Of course I am.)

**My business cards.

 The front. (Includes bleed and trim.)

And the various backs. (I think you can click to make larger, if need be.)

Bring it on, BlogHer. I'm ready for ya.



  1. Have fun! You are so brave...that many women in one room intimidates me. Majorly.

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Awesome, have fun! My husband's company is a sponsor this year - Check out their booth if you have time.

  4. FYI, I only know this b/c I'm in the midst of researching to buy one, but the "Pump in Style Advanced - The Metro Bag" has a removable pump motor and workspace.

    Your post just made me lean towards that one... hm... we shall see.

    Have so much fun at Blogher - I love your business cards!!!

  5. ahhh! i've been so excited for you to go! hope you have a fabulous time... how can you not be a splash with business cards like that?? :)

    if you happen to meet CJane from or Stephanie from, feel free to let them know that they have a mini menno following (mainly me and a few fellow blog geek friends). and if you happen to see Sherry from, go be her friend. she seems hilarious... not unlike some other little blogger i know. :) can't wait for the post-game wrap up!!

  6. There are so many "super famous bloggers" (haha) who I would love to stalk...tee hee. Meagen from "love Meagen...", Heather from "Dooce", and Kelle Hampton.

    Please take lots of pictures!!!!

  7. So jealous! You will have a fantastic time. :) If anyone can network, my friend...

    And the backs of your business cards? Fabulous, and very YOU. Love it.

  8. I think it is so awesome you are going to this and I think you will totally rock this!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it.

    I think a little color on the breast pump bags would be nice...though I am SO glad they are black and not taupe or some color like that. blech.

    (I laughed at that picture because that is what you kind of think of with a blogger conference!! You wonder how many of these women do better socially in front of their computer rather than talking to people in person!)

    So excited for you...hope you have fun! :)

  9. 1). love the business cards.

    2). hate the un-style-ish-ness of that BP bag. but anything load will feel lighter without the ladies.

    3). i wish you safe travels and good times. and some shopping...duh.

    4). omg - i would totally stalk Kelle Hampton. she's legitimately stalk-able in my opinion.

  10. I have a slightly more stylish Medela breastpump. And mine isn't sewn into the bag. It's called the Medela Pump In Style Advanced with Metro bag. Check if you want to see it (not that you'll be buying another). Sorry! (But it does exist).

  11. Kylee! I LOVE YOUR BUSINESS CARDS! Well done, well done. Have fun & come home with lots of loot.

    Say hi to the grumbles for me. :) ...since, you know, I feel like I know her... but really don't.

  12. I canNOT wait to hear the report for this event. Seriously, can not wait. You will be AWESOME. Seriously, take notes and SHARE! Your expectations may be low, but that doesn't mean mine have to be. . . right? :)

    Safe travels, my Friend!!

  13. have a wonderful, amazing time!

    bloggy conferences are the best things ever!

    (hoping to make BlogHer next year).

  14. Have a great time! I'm sure you will have a ton of fun!

  15. Holy know - business cards?? So official! Your blog is about to hit the HNL...(hahah).

    You know I need a new tutorial when you come to Toledo.

    Have so much fun!!

  16. Hi Kylee, I enjoyed meeting you today, and I love your business cards. I can relate in that I went to BlogHer with low expectations. After day one I'm not disappointed. I'm just taking it all in. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the generous sponsors.


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