Vivienne Viernes: Six months old.
(My favorite picture of Vivienne included at the end.)

(I love sidewalk chalk.)


I love Vivienne Kate.

Our sweet Diddy is six months old. What? I know. I don't even believe it.

Well, she's totally walking.


But there have been SO MANY CHANGES since the last Vivienne Viernes. (I need to start doing these weekly.)

Vivienne is doing great. She weighs 16 lbs and is happy. She smiles all.of.the.time and has just recently started showing a preference toward me. (Which I'll be honest, I love.)

Her sleep schedule has been tough… with our little vacation and teething, we have some rough nights. (I swear, between the two girls - I don't sleep more than 5 consecutive hours a night. Others can do this. I struggle. Oh, how I miss sleep. Restful sleep.) But, we're getting back into the swing of things. This is a season! I want the struggles to fade away, but I'd keep Vivienne this age FOREVER if I could.

So, here's what she's been up to.

Vivienne is teething and therefore drooling. She's had her first motrin, teething gel and shot of Jack Daniels.

She's trying to crawl.

She starts with her head down.

And then Then she inch-worms to where she needs to go. (Didn't know that "inch-worms" was a verb, did you?)

And wah-la... she's there.

She eats now! (She's had cereal, avocado, carrots, melon and bananas.)

Here she is all ready for her first meal.

Smiling while eating.

That was great. :)

She's working on her sippy-cup skillz.

She reads.

She LOOOOVES her sister.

And I think the feeling is mutual.

Vivienne and Ferg are pretty tight, too.

She started a blog. (That's my girl.)

She still abhors the bumbo seat and will only be in it for 3 minutes at a time.

She rarely has her mouth closed. And she's trying sooo hard to sit up.

(How 'bout that hair?)

She HATES to sit in pretty much everything, so we tried out the 'ole walker…

I think she liked it. :)

I love this picture. Where's Vivienne?

My sweet girl on our bed.

I adore babies after baths. Ok, I adore my babies after baths.

I LOVE these pajamas. They were a gift from a friend down here for Lila and are a hand-me down. They're precious. Clearly, Vivienne loves them, too.

Ferg was licking her...

And my absolute favorite picture. I think perhaps EVER...

(Tell me that didn't make you smile.)

Have a great weekend, ya'll.




  1. I can't believe she is 6 months old already. Just can't believe it. I swear, she's still a newborn.

    What a cutie! I love how happy and smiley she is. How do you not kiss her adorable little face constantly? You are blessed.

  2. no pressure, but i could do Vivienne Viernes every week myself. the pictures never tire, the updates on her new skills never a bore.

    that last picture made me chuckle, but they were all good! give her a kiss from Auntie M.

  3. LOVE the pictures! What a big girl. Just slow down, right?
    Keep em coming your posts are wonderful.

  4. I vote weekly, too, and I am shocked that she is six months old! Seriously, Ky, her face lights up when she smiles. She is absolutely precious!

  5. Yes - that last picture is so cute!! She is adorable. I can't believe she is 6 months either. I seems like you just got home from the hospital and were posting pics from your phone!!

  6. GREAT photos! She is super adorable. That last one indeed made me smile!

    Also, can I just say I love your giraffe pillows? :)

  7. I want her to tay the same age too ky!

  8. Vivienne is too cute! I adore her dark hair and eyes. Way to represent the Bucks Vivi!

  9. Her eyes are amazing. And your family is just too sweet.


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