Up for some fashion?

7/28/2011 04:16:00 AM
The blue eyeliner isn't working. From here.

I didn't know that Mila Kunis was an ice skater!? From here. Blech.

This is cute. See here. I'd wear it in the fall, though - no?

I'd wear this. See here.

People.com reported this is what Kim Kardashian wore to her bachelorette party. See here.  Her boobs look foolish. So does she.

If I couldn't get my hands on Kim Kardashian's dress up there, then I'd totally wear this if I had a discernible waist. See here. Minka Kelly looks cute. (I need those shoes.)

I don't know this Emma Stone, but this is an awfully striking look. Cute. See here. I like the dress, her hair, the crazy lips AND the shoes.

Ok, that's all for now.



  1. Love your fashion post!! I adore Emma Stone. She's the new it girl. :-)

  2. This was fun! I love Emaas Stone too - she was in Zombieland and Easy A... both hilarious movies. (And I'm picky about my comedies.)

  3. Is this in honor of Project Runway....which starts tonight?! :)

    I agree, Kim K. IS foolish.

    I love Emma Stone!


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