This is the first time in FIVE DAYS....

...that I've touched my computer.

Vacation is a wonderful thing.

Dear faithful readers, I promise I'll be back. I'm taking a much needed and much appreciated vacation from Cabo and from my regular world.

Branson, Missouri with the fam has been fantastic. Four children. Six adults. A ridiculous amount of food. A lake. Fishing.

It's been heaven... only wish is that Branson had more shopping. Let's just say it's not quite the fashion capital of the world/United States/midwest/south/Bible Belt.

I'll be back and I can't wait to show you the pics. I've got some good ones.



  1. i've sure missed you, but i'm thrilled that you've had such a good, relaxing week with your family. hooray! can't wait to see all the prize-winning photos you have from branson. :)


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