They're back. And I'm pleased.

I acted like I was 18 and bought a pair of sandals from American Eagle ( a couple of months ago and I love them. So, I went back to the site today to order another pair because I was positive they're on clearance and I live in perpetual summer. As it turns out, they were and they're gone.

But anywho - I was pleased to see this when I visited to the sandals page.

The return of birkenstocks.

(Top right hand corner, second row first pic.)

Call me a crazy hippy, call me a nerd, I prefer you call me, "retro-hip."

I LOVED birkenstocks back in my high school/college days. LOVED them. I remember saving up pretty much the entire summer my freshman year of high school for $110, 3-strap, cocoa brown "nubuck" birks. By them time I got them, I think it was late August. Then two months later it snowed. Ah, the brutal weather realities of living in Ohio.

I digress.

I'm happy to see that Generation Z'ers (or whatever they are) have the opportunity to fall in love with them. However, on behalf of all Generation X' ers - I implore you not to wear socks with them. Ever. Even really cool wool socks.


Ah, memories.



  1. Ah, how fun! I would LOVE if comfort came back in style. This is a start!

    ...and I just had several flashbacks to high school. ;)

  2. i have been looking for the Birks (bottom/left) in either shiny brown or metallic for awhile now. i LOVED my birks from back in the day (still have them). i wore out the little soles; like you, i saved and saved and then took very good care of them (treating the corks with some cork glue), etc. talk about NERD!!!

  3. What? I can't wear socks with them?!



  4. i couldn't agree more! i just got my new pair of birks 2 weeks ago... and they're just like the ones in the lower left. way more feminine than the ones i wore in high school (ack). and thankfully, due to the little toe strap thingy, i won't ever be remotely tempted to wear socks with them. :)

  5. I always thought Birkenstocks were unattractive (sorrry!!!!) :-) but the older I get the more I'm leaning towards comfort over fashion! I love my Nike air slides and wear them almost every day I'm not in the office. :-)

    I work for a nerdy company where men do wear them with socks!

  6. Can I share just HOW little I knew about fashion. I had NO idea back then what Birkenstocks were. I heard of them and knew they were shoes, but I had no idea what they looked like.

    I hated sandals for the longest time so even in summer my splurge shoes were always Doc Martens....the chunkier and more boyish the better!


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