[Late] Vivienne Viernes - 5 months

AH, Vivienne.

My sweet little Vivienne is 5 months old (24 weeks on Monday).

Q. What's she up to?
A. Changing. She's changing. She's a baby now -- as opposed to a newborn. I can carry her on my hip now. Nope, I don't always have to cradle her (even though I want to...) - I can carry her on my hip. Big girl. (Stop moving, time.)

Q. What are her faves at this moment?
A. Vivienne's faves include, but are not limited to: smiling, bouncing in the jumperoo, her sister and when anyone sings to her in a high-pitched voice. She loves that.

Q. What are her least favorite things?
A. You know, Vivienne isn't all that opinionated just yet. We just know when she doesn't like something because she screams. This child doesn't cry. She screams. You'll literally be cruising along thinking that all.is.well and then BAM! She screams. "Fix me. Something is wrong. I do not want to roll that way. Roll me back. Thank you." End of screaming.

Q. How's Vivienne sleeping?
A. Pretty well. She goes to bed around 7:30/8 p.m. then I wake her up at 11 p.m. to eat. (I'm a huge fan of the dream feed. It's worked really well with our girls.) Then, she goes back to bed and sleeps usually until about 6:00 a.m. when she wakes up because she's broken free from her swaddle and her right arm is moving back and forth all crazy-like. So, I wrap her back up and she sleeps until 7:30 a.m.

I know.

We're lucky.

This little lady is always on her belly. She loves it. She's lifting herself completely up and is already (sometimes) rocking back and forth. She can just slow down with the development, thank you very much. We don't need a crawler in this house yet.

We fed her a bit of banana for the first time today - she was like, "Eh. It's fine. Whatev."

(That's me in the morning with no makeup. Note I cut myself out of the second pic. Ew.)

She is so sweet. She loves to be held. This is perfect, since I just so happen to LOVE holding her.

To date the little lady has slept two nights in two different hotels and has been fantastic both times. The miracle blanket is the secret to her happiness.

(We stopped swaddling her for a bit, but she rebelled. She couldn't handle it.)

All in all, this child is ridiculously happy. It's so fun watching she and Lila interact more and more each day. The other day Vivienne grabbed Lila's hair and Lila was not amused. It was one of the first times I got to witness potential sisterly conflict.

Tee hee.

Onward to the pics...

Here's my happy girl, jumping.

Her eyes are some weird greyish, greenish, brownish, blueish color. Still not sure what they are.

Her hair is brown. :)

Here she is at the waterpark a couple of weeks ago... I swear I love those cheeks.

Happy to be with Daddy.

Probably not too happy to be kissed by The Ferginator.

Listening to Daddy whistle. (She loves that.)

Wearing one of my favorite baby outfits.

 I know I should have helped her. But that hand. I love that hand.

"And, I'm down."

"Hi there!


Rolled over.

Trading places.

My sweet princess.

My baby with her Uncle Bry, my brother.

My sweet girls.

...and my favorite picture of the week: Lila crowned Vivienne and also "bibbed' her, too. Fantastic.

Vivikins - I love you.


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  1. 5 months...holy moly!!

    Can I just say those cheeks of hers are truly kissable! LOVE IT!!

    And that smile, how could you NOT smile when she smiles.

    And it just melts my heart seeing your two girls together :)


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