Not that I'm an advocate for divorce.

**Note: This is meant as no disrespect to my sister, B. Tee hee.

In a purely judgmental, pop-culture, outsider-looking-in and not really having any clue about what's really going on in their marriage kind of way: I think Jennifer Lopez has finally seen the light.

Again, based SOLEY on aesthetics, it was high time she made this move.

I've written about Marc Anthony's ratness several times. (Here and here and here and here and here and here and here.) Yes, that is SEVEN times in the course of five years.

I'm sorry.

But, it's true. He skeeves me out.

I'm physically incapable of writing about J-Lo without mentioning the rat/mole/weasel. He's just ew.


Now, please note that I'm merely being CATTY. I feel for their children. I understand that divorce blows, blah, blah, blah. (Yes, I'm a child of divorce. Several divorces, actually.) Anywho - totally superficially... this made me smile.

(And that's all of my catty and spiteful remarks for today.)



  1. When I saw this yesterday I instantly thought about you since I know how much you "love" this guy!!

    I think it is time for her to move on. But don't they have a show coming out soon? A Latin American Idol show?! Awkward.

    Yeah, I was "happy" to see this only the totally catty way!

  2. Oh I totally agree with you, he is skeevy greasy & rodent-like. Ive always wondered what she saw in him. And the poor kids have his looks...maybe they will grow out of them!


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