I've known Vivienne Kate, my sweet baby girl, for nearly six months now.

She laughs. She's starting to babble. She smiles non-stop. She's growing and changing by the day.

But one thing hasn't changed from that very first moment I held her; and oh, oh, oh, oh how I love it.

When Vivienne is upset or crying or over tired or just off -- she immediately calms down when I hold her so that our faces touch; when we're cheek to cheek. Sometimes she curls in to my face and I can feel her sweet, delicate baby breaths on my cheek and smell that ridiculously delicious baby breath. Sometimes when we're sleeping in bed together she'll curl her entire body into me, her face in my neck. Those little breaths. Those little sleeping, content baby sighs.

Oh, how I love this.

I remember the first time we did this in the hospital room. She was crying, I put my 7 lb, 11 oz. baby next to my face and whispered to her, she calmed and sighed.

I sighed then... and about a million times since then.

The child is a precious, sweet angel.



  1. So very sweet. E is the same way with me. S was never a snuggler...E will just randomly walk up to me and request a very long, close hug. I love it. Sweet, sweet girls.

  2. This post makes me smile and gets me all teary eyed. So sweet.

  3. that Viv is truly a sweet, sweet babe. i quite enjoy her and your posts about her.

  4. Now, I am sighing.

    Such sweetness.

  5. That is precious!


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