I get it.

7/19/2011 05:02:00 AM

So it appears that crazy intense heat and humidity have been paralyzing much of the United States, as you all know. With that comes heat advisories for children and the elderly.

I read an article the other day that made me smile.

Basically, 90% of the older population is aware of heat advisories for the "elderly", but only a small percentage of those older folks believe themselves to be "elderly."


I love it.

We all feel younger than we truly are, no?



  1. That's so cute. I hope I don't feel 'old' when I'm actually old...because I feel really OLD right now. ;)

  2. I too, feel really old right now....but I will blame that on pregnancy! So because I feel old my ass is staying inside!

    I feel like I am in Cabo right now....it is SO HOT!


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