Hey U.S. restaurants...

Now, I'm saying this as an insider who currently lives outside of my homebase. Not as a hyper-critical jerk.


Enough with the salt.
Please don't assume that I want my food dripping with salt, because I don't. 

I hate it. It's inedible.


Thank you,
Kylee B.

The final straw for me? Chic-fill-a. It was terrible. It was so salty, I couldn't finish it. I tried, don't get me wrong. Have I really become a food snob? No, I still eat swiss rolls like no tomorrow whenever I'm in the States. Disappointed? Absolutely.

Random note: When C. and I moved here I fought change hardcore. I missed EVERYTHING about the U.S. One of things that frustrated me was how little salt is used in food here. In fact, the salt shaker was noticeably absent from many restaurant tables! I felt this was a crime. Did  I really need to ask for salt in a language that at that time I couldn't barely speak or even understand? I thought not.

Then we caved. The purchasing of butter for our home usage got to be far too annoying so we just started buying what Costco had, as opposed to going to the one grocery store 25 minutes away that sometimes had our salted butter and most of the time didn't. So, we buy the only butter that Costco sells in sticks that are not measured in the metric system. (Totally frustrating to convert sticks of butter measured in grams in your U.S. recipes. Hear me on that one.) And, it just so happens that it is unsalted.

Fast forward to today: we haven't used salted butter in years. Yet another reason why I'm pleased we moved here. Good bye salt (good thing). Goodbye Target (not a good thing).

Everything in life has a tradeoff.



  1. So true. Americans are obsessed with salt. I have a friend who salts her salads. That doesn't even make sense to me!???

  2. I had chick-fil-a for lunch. I forgot about this post until I had a french fry. They were so salty! So it's not just you. They were THAT salty. I couldn't eat them.

  3. We DO use too much salt here. I have friends who will salt their food BEFORE they even try it. What, how do you know if there is already enough salt on it.

    My husband likes salt, but I use unsalted butter and don't salt foods as much. He is always adding it to everything I cook. I hate that because I personally think he doesn't need it....that is what happens when you smoke, you can't taste things without a lot of salt.

    I am scared to look at just HOW much sodium is in fast food items. You know it has to be way too much.


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