Happy Birthday to my SWEET Chloe.

7/01/2011 01:01:00 PM
Sweet Chloe,

As your aunt I am compelled to tell you how much I love you on this very special day; the day of your birth.

So here it is: I love you.

Also, as your aunt whom I've been told you are quite similar to, I am compelled to share with you what I have found for you in the way of images for your birthday post.

I know you'll enjoy this. Since we find many of the same things enjoyable.

First, I found this one.

I thought it was fantastic and scary at the same time. Why wouldn't you want that as your birthday cake?

Creepy cloud eyes?

Flower cheeks?



You can feel confident that I would never make you a square man cake. Ever.

You can also feel confident that I love you so much, Chloe.


Next, I thought this image was lovely. Look at all of those beautiful cupcakes with YOUR name on them... Then, take a look at that cow. Random, huh?

You, my dear niece, are also very random. (As am I. As is this post.) I LOVE that about you. I enjoy your stories and generally having a conversation with you. Your mind darts from here to there and I love that about you. You, are unique and lovely.

Just like that cow.

(hee hee.)

I love you, Chloe.


Next, I found this on the internet.

I didn't think it would work since you're older than 3. You're 12. I can't believe you're 12. I remember when you were 3. You were very cute then. You're still very cute now. But what's awesome about now is that I'm able to understand you better. The spanglish back then was confusing.


I love you Chloe.


Next, I found this one. It's colorful and festive. And happy. I thought this was a good image because you're colorful and festive and you make so many people around YOU happy. My daughter is one of them. You are her everything.

Thank you for being happy, Chlo. Keep that quality for ALWAYS.

I love you Chloe.


Next I found this image. Now, I think it's a cake with a tiger and a turtle/dinosaur (a "turtlesaur", if you will) on it. I find it to be confusing. However, the flowers are very pretty.

You like flowers.

This cake has flowers.

So, there you go.


Chloe, happy birthday - I love you.


Now, I liked this image because it was sweet and girly. But it almost looked a little childish to me. And that's one thing you aren't anymore: childish.

Uncle Craig and I were just saying the other day that we are SO proud of the girl you've become. You have grown so much. You are responsible and mature and just awesome. (We totally knew you would be. You've always been great.)

But Chloe - really. We're proud of you. And we love you.


When I ran across this image, I knew that it was perfect.

I mean, it's a cat who clearly shares your name.

That cat has one fine birthday sign.

While I didn't make you a sign, I did write you a blog post. I hope that counts for something.

That cat, judging by all of the gifts she got, is very loved.

You too, my dear sweet Chloe, are loved, too. Just like that cat. That very big cat.


Happy Birthday.

Finally, I thought this was the BEST image I could find to properly sum up my birthday message to you.

Do I know that man?


However, he appears to be extending his birthday wishes to you and I think that's fantastic. The whole world should extend their birthday wishes to you because you are that GREAT of a kid.

I love you Chloe.


I suppose though, that this is the best internet image I found:
Sweet, Chloe.

Your Aunt Ky will love you for always. I am proud of the girl you've become and I think you're beautiful and intelligent and far more fun than any one child should be.

Thank you for making my life a little brighter.

I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday -- I am so glad you were born.

Aunt Ky



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  1. Awwwww, what a great post (love all the signs!)

    Happy Birthday Chloe!!!


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