Finally, six months later: Vivienne's crib. (Literally.)

7/24/2011 08:14:00 PM

I figured that since Vivienne is now six months old (today -- Sunday!) -- it might be high time to give you a peek into what I ended up doing in her nursery.

This is a long one, kids.

If you'll recall - Vivienne's room was our guest bedroom/office.
It was tan.
And very boring.
I mean, it served its' purpose. No more, no less. It looked like this. (See more "halfway done" pics, here.)

Notice the hideous louvre doors. Blech. Half home office...
...half guest bedroom.
Here it is now!

This is what you see when you walk in. The icky doors were re-done and obviously painted white.

I sort of love it in here.
And we added the iron birdy knobs. (Craig found 'em on etsy.)

And here's the view when you walk in the room.

Vivienne's window looks out to our backyard/mango tree. She loves to lay there when the window is open. It's sweet.

The curtains are a hand-me-down from my sister and Chloe. I think they're precious.

Behind the valance is a MUCH NEEDED and APPRECIATED black-out shade that Craig cut to fit our weirdo window shape.

The guest bed is still necessary to the room. We just made it work. The bedding is from west elm (several years ago) and the shams/crib stuff is from Pottery Barn Kids. (It's the Hayley set.)

The sidetable is from Target. Totally well-made - I'm pleased. We just changed the knob to a little green birdy. The octupus was a "socktupus" from our friends. It came with adorable socks on the little legs and it's a rattle.  Vivienne loves it and so do I. So cute.

My college friend and fellow blogger, Snappy Tulip, got Vivienne the personalized frame from I LOVE it. The pic is of my sweet Vivienne Kate right after she got her ears pierced in the hospital without one tear. Precious baby...

And the lava lamp? A hand-me-down from Lila. It's the perfect lighting. (From Lila and Vivienne's Aunt T.)

Another view of the room... and yes, those are Lila's legs on the bed.

Please ignore the terribly ugly tile/marble/or whatever that is at the bottom of the walls and around the room. It's the most awful burgundy/salmon/blech color and it's throughout our entire house. We try ignore it.

The wall flowers above the crib are here. (It's two sets. And I love that they snap on to the metal pegs so easily. SO easy to rearrange and clean.)

The crib. A good 'ole white Jenny Lind with stationary side. (Lila's crib side dropped down, in accordance with the new regulations - this one doesn't. I have to admit, I really liked the drop side cribs...)

The crib bedding.

Vivienne's mobile belonged to Lila. It was given to us from a good friend of the family. Love that Classic Pooh. (See? Not too much Disney... just a bit.)

And this is Emmie. She's Vivienne's "Petal."

This is the rug. It's light khaki with dark chocolate and white mixed in. It was a "fingers-crossed" online purchase and we are pleased. I mean, once it's gets down to us from Target and then to the importer... it's here for good and we

Vivienne's shelf.

Painting and V from Pottery Barn Kids - clearance. The quilted heard is from my Mom years ago...

Basket is a Longaberger kiddie purse from Vivienne's Mimi... her footprint is stamped on the inside lid. The buttons are from my Mom - a recent gift. The doll is from fellow blogger, Wendy. (Her etsy store is momentarily closed...) The cute bank is from my sister and is also from Pottery Barn kids.

Vivienne's feet on the inside of the lid of the basket... She was 23 days old.

The "Vivienne" doll is from friends, the jewelry box is also a gift from Pottery Barn Kids and the shells and sea glass are from our beach Sundays that we spent treasure hunting pre-kids.

(Love that doll. So cute.) And I love the monogrammed jewelry box.

Books! And the little nest that I crocheted that Vivienne was photographed in when she was 9 days old.

And finally on the last shelf, the blanket I crocheted Vivienne and a sweet bunny from her Aunt B. 

Over the bed are some VERY cheap white frames that I bought at the local grocery store. (When I say, cheap - I mean $50 pesos each. (Approximately $4.20 cents each.) I need to change out the photos and add some of just Vivienne. When I arranged the frames, I just added black and whites from our maternity photo shoot and re-colored a little vector image I got off of the interweb and made brown, green and pink to match the room.

Finally, hanging over the side table is this frame from Pottery Barn Kids. We were gifted one for Lila from a great friend in Oklahoma - and I just love it.

That's all.

At any given time, you can find this in Vivienne's room.

Or, you can find this...

Still, the best thing about sweet Vivienne's room?

Why Vivienne, of course.



  1. Wow Ky! What a beautiful and well put together room! I love everything you did. Very classy and simple at the same time.

    The final picture of her is so adorable. Her eyes are amazing!

    Well done!

  2. LOVE the bedding. We are in process of re-doing E's room (big girl room time) and I was thinking of the Hayley bedding. Her room is pink and chocolate brown looks wonderful together with those colors!

    You did a fantastic job! Well done.

  3. I LOVE this room!!

    You two did such an amazing job, it is beautiful! I love the dark walls and the white and pastels with it. So pretty. And I really like how the changing table is in the window area!

    And that bedding is amazing! And I love how you have birds! Who knew you and birds would get along :)

    Our room for Henry is also a guest room. We have a queen bed in there and it is small and are trying to figure out how to make it all work. This is VERY good inspiration!

    And I agree, that last picture of Vivi is beyond adorable!!

  4. LOVE this post and the photo/accoutrements (sp?) tour of vivi's room.

    i need to say that i would give my left pinky to be a guest in the house this week, just sleeping with the noise machine and black-out shades. with the BEST smelling sheets and MOST comfortable bed in all of the Baja. i LOVE that room. and i'm not even a baby.

  5. I LOVE those little flowers on the wall!! I'm doing Keira's room right now and this is so inspirational for me. This room is amazing. I love the frames with the different colored sides too.

  6. Oooh - I love this entire room!! I'm working on the baby registry right now and this gave me some great ideas!

  7. Love it! I love the complete tour! The colors are great - they all work so well together. And the bird knobs?! Precious. (And still SO proud of you for going BIRDY!) :) Thanks for the doll/Etsy shop shoutout too! The pics of V in this post are gorgeous - she's such a cutie.

  8. SO cute!!! this definitely inspired me to work on Lucy's nursery some more. i mean ... she's 11 months old and has one thing on her wall. and no curtains. :/

  9. Seriously adorable, Kylee! I LOVE the frames with the colored interweb vector file. :) Nice work. I might steal that idea.

    Also, this belongs in a magazine.


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