...and, we're off.

The four of us are off to the U.S. of A. today! For once, we're not going to Ohio (I LOVE my Ohio peeps! It's just nice to visit a different place) -- instead, we're going to Missouri to spend time with my Mom and sister, to introduce them to Vivienne AND to meet my new nephew, Eli.


And, we're going to be in a house on a LAKE in the Ozarks for a week. A change of scenery - wah-who!


Blogging will be random and will resume regularly after the 14th.

(I always say that I'm not going to blog and that I'm actually going to take a break... but that's never the case. I'm sure I'll have random posts here and there. I always have quite a lot of musings each time I visit my homeland.)

So, hasta luego.

And let's hope the flight and drive with the little ones is easy peasy.



  1. Have a safe, fun and 'easy' trip!

  2. Have a WONDERFUL time with your family!! And I hope you have safe and easy travels! :)

  3. hope you have an absolutely fantastic time with your family and friends... and maybe the mall. :)

  4. Glad you had a safe trip. All those passports!


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