Ah! Don't forget.

7/28/2011 11:27:00 AM
Project Runway Season 9 starts tonight at 9 on Lifetime. (Nine seasons? Stop it.)

I think we should all enthusiastically applaud Lifetime for taking time out of their schedule and airing Project Runway, as opposed to a t.v. movie about teenage rape/incest/wife beating/adultery/bulimia/killing your daughter's cheerleading competitor in a fit of rage/or taking someone's baby from the hospital, no?)

Here, here, Project Runway.

I don't know about you, but I've missed me some Tim Gunn.

Have I missed Heidi? No, not so much.

I wonder how tan Michael Kors will be, though.

And I wonder if Nina's hair will STILL look great.

(Thanks for the reminder, Wrestling Kitties!)



  1. This officially marks the first time I've missed having cable. :-( So sad that I won't be watching season 9 (!) live.

  2. I guess I should read your blog DAILY because it appears I did not know about this and have missed the premiere. Crap.

  3. I'm missing it?!?! Ugh. Stupid move... I can't wait to be connected to the outside world again. Keep us posted!


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