Yeah, I'm probably done with that.

6/24/2011 09:04:00 AM
I like to see celebrity babies. (Who doesn't like to see cute kiddos?)

But this made me have second thoughts.

Yep. I think I'm done clicking on any babies-of-celebrities "news" stories, unless they're endorsed by the actual celebrities.

I cannot even fathom being a new parent and having to dodge crazy paparazzi with arm-length lenses in order to protect my sweetie.

I feel for 'em.


And nope, I will not stand for the, "They're celebrities they chose this" line. Total crap. Take ALL the photos of them you want on the red carpet (which I love!), at concerts and at events. Leave them alone during their personal, family time.

This is a watershed moment for me.



  1. I think it must be so scary for them as parents. I agree - it's just wrong to stalk children or a baby even if it does belong to a famous person.

  2. this was a bit of a PSA for me too... i'll admit to buying a people now and then and not really thinking a thing about how all those photos got in there. :( but pink... love her (even more).

  3. i'm obviously totally on board with what she is saying - leave my kid alone, she's a helpless baby. i am 100% in agreement.

    but.....lemme get this straight.

    i saw their photo on the cover of People last week. is she basically saying "we can reveal photos of our kid on OUR terms". what i'm saying is that if a pic is in People or whatever (and i wasn't the paparazzi stalking them to take it), of course i'll be glimpsing at the cute that wrong? i hope not.


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