Vivienne Viernes: 20 weeks

How's Vivienne?

Um, cute.

Ah, she's so much fun.

The name of the game the past couple of weeks has been this: rolling over and tummy time. Vivienne prefers to be on her belly all.of.the.time. (This is notably different from her sister who proceeded to scream what they call, "bloody murder" each time she was even accidentally placed on her belly.) Yet another way that my two ladies are so different.

(This child looks like my side of the family. It cannot be denied.)

On her belly on her changing table. Yep, she will flip to her belly anywhere.

"I'm so happy I'm on my belly!"

"Look! You tried to keep me on my back, but I refused! I got out of my miracle swaddling blanket and here I am! On my belly!"

So yeah, swaddling is officially over. 


Vivienne and Ferg continue to get along splendidly. They're adorable. Ferg can't quite leave her alone.

Even when Vivi "pets" her.

(Not the safest place to be, Ferg...)

Belly sleeping. And cute.

She's awake and smiling behind that pacifier.

Pacifier out and there it is, my sweetie's grin.

Ah, love her.

My sweetie just hanging out in the kitchen.

I was trying to make her smile and she was oddly serene... "Not now, Mommy. Not now."

"Ok, here's a smirk."

The world has opened up to Vivienne - she loves to grab things. She looooves how her giraffe squeaks.

Sweet baby.

Someone likes to eat her fingers.

My favorite eyes-closed pic.

Someone fell asleep on me. Someone else loved it.

Mid-sneeze. (Tee hee.)

Sweet happy girl. (Weird shadows.)

Ah! I love this one.

...and that's all for now, folks. :)



  1. She is so beautiful. I can't believe she's 20 weeks already. Gosh.

    Something about the photo of her sleeping on you resembles Lila. You can tell they are sisters.

    The belly sleeping thing makes me smile. My girls are the same exact way. S HATED being on her belly. E was a belly sleeper from day 1 (and still is). She also prefers to bathe laying on her belly. ;)

  2. She is too sweet!! I can definitely see C's little brother, M, in the picture of Vivi sitting in her bumbo . . . Can't believe she is 20 weeks already! <3

  3. My favorite things about these photos are seeing just how much her personality is coming out now! You can definitely see HER coming through in these pictures! LOVE IT!

    I just adore that smile. It really is the sweetest :)

    And a belly sleeper, though I am sure that can be a bit stressful sometimes, is so cute to see :) I don't know if I have seen too many babies that like to be on their stomach that much!

  4. Adorbs. That was a fantastic array of photos! :)

  5. I think the newborn look is officially gone. Maybe it has been for awhile, but there's something about these pictures...

    She's an angel. I hope I get to meet her soon.


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