Vivienne Viernes: 18 weeks old

Oh, my sweet baby is nearly 19 months weeks old. I can't take it. I just can't take it.

You guys, Vivienne is so sweet. I adore her. Motherhood the second time around is just so different. I'm not sure if it's because I'm more laid back this time or what... but Sweet Vivi's demeanor is just so tranquil. And sweet.

And I've finally got a nickname for her: "cake." I call her my, "Vivi-cakes." It just fits.

(Lila calls her "Diddy" because she can't say, "Vivi." So, as I told Mickey D. earlier this week - I fear that Sweet Vivienne is going to soon acquire a rap-inspired nickname: V. Diddy. May the force be with her.)

Moving on...

Q. How is Vivi-cakes growing?
A. Quite well. We had her well-baby check up about a week ago and she did great with her vaccinations (ohmygosh they KILL me) and she weighs 14.3 lbs. She's still wearing 3 month clothing... Her belly, let's just say, is prominent and awesome. It's a wonder the clothes fits.

Q. What color are her eyes and hair?
A. Vivienne's eyes at this point are a greyish-brownish-greenish hue. (In other words: we have no idea.) Her hair is brown. Just like her Mama's. (Well, and her Daddy's, too.)

Q. What are Vivienne's favorite things right now?
A. She loves her jumperoo. She loves to roll over and SLEEP ON HER STOMACH and she loves looking at and watching Ferg and Lila.

And Ferg likes to watch Vivienne, too.

Q. What's that? She likes to sleep on her stomach?
A. YES. So, we quickly put the kibosh on that and wedge her between two rolled up blankets. Here's the deal: she must still be swaddled because she cannot handle free arms. (The flail about and she can't handle it.) So, since she's swaddled so tight, the likelihood of me ever being able to sleep knowing she's swaddled and potentially sleeping on her stomach is slim to none -- so we wedge her between blankets/towels so she can't roll.

I will do this until she's 7 if need be.

Try me.

Onward to the pics... (Just a few.)

Nope, it's not Halloween -- but hey, it works.

I adore those legs.

Precious smile.

Crazy faces.

Oh boy... being the younger sister is tough...

Yep, those are stickers.

Vivi sat completely still for them.

And clearly was happy with the outcome.

This week, Vivienne wore her first ever hair clippie! Just like her big sister's bows, they were made by my FAVORITE: Fleur de Lu Lu.

:) Have a great weekend, ya'll.



  1. 18 weeks already...that is crazy!!

    I love her smile and she does look like she is a pretty chill baby :)

    I still think she looks like and reminds me of you. INfact, even more the older she gets!

    (Love the nickname Vivi-Cakes...but I lost it when I read V. Diddy - AWESOME!)

  2. She's so dang cute! Her smile!! I can't handle the cuteness.

    I fully support pumpkin-wearing in June!!


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