They're winning.

Last night was rough.

Craig asked me this morning, "Did we sleep? I mean, did we even sleep?"

I'm willing to say we got two hours of consecutive sleep. Maybe two and a half.

Lila was sick. And loud. And sad. And constantly repeating, "I ok. Lila ok. Lila ok." (Sweet baby already has a mantra.)

Vivienne was feeling sympathy pains or maybe just couldn't stand not being in on the middle-of-the-night fun and was awake, too. Several times.


I don't complain about much of anything when it comes to my babies. I adore them. I do. I HEART being a Mom more than I could have ever expected.

I'm just tired. Oh, oh so tired.

Humans are not expected to function with the amount of sleep that I've been getting for the past five months.

I require 8-10 hours of sleep per night. I've been getting maybe 5.

I know we've all been there. But at this moment, I just have to write: I'm so tired.


Tomorrow's a new day.

A new day that starts at 5:43 a.m. because of my stupid 6 a.m. Friday pilates class.




  1. We had the same night. Henry has croup and was up coughing all night and Keira woke up at 4:00 am for the day. I'm so tired I want to lay down and die. Is that dramatic?

    I'm on my 2nd huge latte of the day. Coffee is doing nothing.

    Oh and we're showing our condo tonight to potential renters. Ugh. I feel your pain sister!

  2. Tomorrow sounds like the perfect time to skip pilates. It will be there next week...

  3. Oh. These days are so tough. So incredibly tough. You are a strong one my dear. Hang in there, I promise, it will get better.

    You are a good, good, Mama. Those girls? They are blessed to have you. Wishing you good sleep tonight.

    p.s. I'm SO glad you were not injured in your near fall the other day. That story--gave me goosebumps.


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