Questions answered: C-sections and Belly Bandits

A while back I experienced a bit of a lull with the 'ole blogging and asked ya'll to ask me questions.

Got these:

(Don't ever google search an image for "c-section." Ever. Don't do it.)

Q. How was recovery from a c-section while having a 1.5 year old at home?

A. Truth? My second c-section was far easier than the first. I think it's because it was planned and nothing was stuck in my birth canal. :) (You're welcome for that.)

Really, though -- Vivienne's c-section was so easy. Of course I felt like I had been hit by a semi the day after, but by the third and fourth days? I was up, moving around and feeling fine. It probably helped that I was hopped up on pain meds.

The hardest part about having a newborn and a 19-month-old after having a c-section was that I couldn't pick Lila up. I couldn't put her in the high chair, I could swing her around and hug her... I had to go to her and her level. (That was key.) And, she couldn't understand WHY I couldn't be normal with her.

But, after a few weeks - we were all good to go. It seemed like everyday it got better and better. And I honestly think it was far more difficult for me than for Lila.

Kids are resilient. They go with the flow. It's us adults who are tough.

(That's totally me.)

Q. I think you mentioned wearing/buying a belly bandit. What is your review of it? Is it helpful for the waistline? Helpful for back pain?

A. Indeed. I bought one of those crazy Kardashian-endorsed belly bandits for my recovery after having Vivienne. (I actually bought the one above: the organic "bamboo" belly bandit.)

Here's the deal, it's supposed to work as both a compression gadget and a back support. It did both for me.

With Lila, my doctor recommended that I wear a compression wrap after my c-section for aesthetics and for support. I thought he was nuts. But, I tried it.  I found some sort crazy-archaic one at Costco down here and it was itchy and painful and I hated it. I called it my torture device. Still, I wore it nearly 24/7 for weeks.

It was visible under my clothes (boo) and like I said, it was SO uncomfortable. But still I wore it.

Why? Because my belly was flat in and it gave me added the support that I so desperately needed. After a c-section, it's tough to even get out of bed to do a nighttime feeding...with the compression wrap on, you feel supported.

So, the organic bamboo belly bandit... here's why I liked it:

1.) It was SOFT. It's cotton and it's comfortable.
2.) It really helped me feel better in terms of support.
3.) Here's the vain reason: it made me feel "slimmer". It seamlessly held everything in. And after having your second baby in two years, you need that.
4.) It really did "wick away" moisture. With hormones going every which way - it was nice to have something not sweaty stuck to me.
5.) It washed up (quickly by hand!) very well. I just laid it in the sun for approximately 20 minutes (yay Cabo!) and it was dry.

Here are my complaints:

1.) It "buckled" a lot in the front. Let's face it, we all can't sit stick straight all day, so often times the wrap would buckle or ride up. But really? My post-Lila torture device did this to me, as well. I think it's the name of the game with compression wraps.

2.) I'm not convinced it worked as well as my post-Lila torture device which was longer and had more velcro. The Kardashian wrap was definitely more comfortable... but did it work as well? I'm not so sure. But, let's be honest -- 2 babies 19 months apart can wreak havoc on the 'ole abs.

3.) I think ordering/sizing was difficult to predict. I had measurements from my first pregnancy and went by those. I wore my medieval torture device for the first week or so (because it expanded and contracted VERY well)... and then after I fit into the Kardashian wrap, I wore it for about 7 weeks.)

Would I buy it again?

Absolutely. Hands down. In fact, I have an XS I can send your way if you need it. :) (This lady doesn't plan on having 3 babies in 3 years. No thank you.)


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  1. Thanks for the review on the belly thing. I'm thinking of trying one this time because I have such horrid back pain while nursing in the first few months. I heard these help. Did you feel that was the case?

  2. neat, i was very curious about these and almost gone one but then blah blah blah lay.

    i can see how it would help, or at the very least help you feel less like floppy junk.


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