Lila Lunes: Almost 2.

6/06/2011 04:08:00 AM

Q. What's new with Lila these days?
A. Ah! She's far too much fun. There's a lot of talking going on. There's a lot of playing go along. There's a lot of imagination happening. She plays with "pretend" food in her kitchen and gets it. She loves puzzles. And, she's far more cuddly than I could have ever anticipated she'd be.

Q. What are Lila's favorite things?
A. Easy: her cousin Chloe, otter pops and reading. In that order.

Q. What are Lila's least favorite things?
A. Well, I'm proud to say that before I would have typed that Lila HATED getting her hair washed, but FINALLY - she's totally ok with getting water dumped over her head. For real. Thanks to Aunt Bai for giving us the perfect hair-washing water-pitcher thing. It definitely works.

Q. What have we learned about having an almost-two-year-old in the house?
A. Ha! Do you have time?

1.) We've learned that nothing is safe from Lila. I honestly think we should build a shelf around the insider perimeter of our home that is at least 5 ft. tall so that she can't reach ANYTHING on it. NOTHING is safe. If she can't reach it, she'll climb on ANYTHING to get to what she wants.

Look out computers.

Look on light switches.

Look out power switches on virtually anything.

Look out childproofed drawers.

Look out bottles of water and food of any type.

2.) We've learned that sleep is still a huge necessity in Lila's life. She's taking one nap a day from about 1 - 3 p.m. (Sometimes more, sometimes less...) Without this nap, THE WORLD HURTS the next day. Nothing is good. Everything is bad. All of us want to cry.

I could go on and on, but I'll save that for her 2-year-old birthday post.

Ok, on to the pics.

The many faces of Lila.

Love that kid.

Craig was talking to Vivienne, while Lila was feeling cuddly. Ah, he loves his ladies.

Look at that face.

Playing with her Mimi.

Wearing necklaces that her Mimi brought her. They belonged to Mimi's Mom.

Lila LOVES them.

Mimi was on her computer. So of course, Lila was, too.

Holy cow she's growing up.

When I look at this photo - I really think that I get a good idea of "grown-up" Lila... Just something about it.

We went to the amazing Flora Farm this past week. Lila dressed for the occasion: two necklaces and four bracelets and "matching" clippies.

The organic Flora Farm has ten dogs that live there. (It's a restaurant and it's amazing... I'll write about it later) - and Lila ADORES the dogs.

Smiling into the camera so she can then look at the photo.

Reading, "That's Not my Princess" from Aunt Bai. She loves it.

I'm SHOCKED that all of the doors/cupboards are open. She usually cannot HANDLE if they're all open. (She's C.'s child.)


Somebody likes pedicures...

My almost two-year-old and I.



  1. I totally agree with the "grown up" picture. There is something about it.

    Just beautiful, Ky!

  2. Talk about grown up! Wow. Little Miss Lila is starting to look like a little girl. Tear. I swear, they do it overnight.

    I love her pink shoes in the last photo. So adorable. You guys are beautiful.

  3. Ky, she's looking older! Her expressions crack me up too. And the hair - love her hairstyles. And the clippies and the jewelry.

    Girls are just the *best* are they not?! I mean boys are pretty cool too, but girls? They're just so much fun. So. Much. Fun. Trust me, it only gets better.

  4. I CANNOT HANDLE HOW GROWN UP YOUR DAUGHTER IS. Ky, she is precious and funny and sweet. Love it!

  5. that last picture of the two of you is the best. best.

  6. 2?? When did this happen!

    I love that her hair can be a pony - so cute. She is looking older - how amazing, but still a babe. She is resembling you I think. When can I see her again?

  7. Soooo big!

    And just downright lovely, on all accounts.

  8. i do believe she has grown in the time since i left! i just looked at the post on her birth and she was such a tiny little peanut and now such a little busy-body!


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