Our hidden gem.

So, there is a little gem in San Jose del Cabo. It's an oasis of green, serves organic food and is home to ten sweetie-pie dogs.

It's Greene's organic farm and their restaurant, Flora's Field Kitchen.

Oh, this place is amazing. It's like a glass of ice cold water for the senses. It's green. It's happy. And it's straight out of Martha Stewart's magazine. And, they sell organic veggies and amazing breads.

We were there last week for just a while... and I could only take a few pictures because my youngest daughter was losing her mind. You could go cra-zay here with the camera. For real.

So, here is just a glimpse. Really, I need to go back and just soak up the pretty.

If you ever come to Cabo - we must go here. It's a happy, happy place.


  1. Looks like an oasis in the desert! :-)

  2. it looks beautiful! we'll have to hit it up next time i'm in town.

    and....The Viv? Losing her mind? whhhaaattttt? not serene Viv?

  3. Wow. That looks really lovely.

    You should definitely go back.

  4. Wow. Beautiful! Great place for photos.

  5. I agree with you. Flora's is an oasis INDEED. We go everytime we can, it just makes me happy.

  6. We will be staying at the Royal Solaris just outside of San Jose del Cabo next week. If I make reso's, can we arrange for a taxi to get us to and from this restaurant?

  7. Anonymouse - absolutely! You'll have no problem having a taxi take you. Just ask the concierge and they'll be able to get a taxi for you. You'll be so happy you went!

  8. Thanks very much for the info. I will make a reservation now.

  9. Me again. I've made the reso, but have been unable to determine through repeated enquiries to the restaurant if they accept credit cards. By any chance do you recall if they do?
    Thank you in advance.


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