Around 7:30-ish Lila heads to bed, but first demands that I rock her. This is a coveted time for me -- Lila's not all that touchy-feely. She rocks her little arms back and forth to show me what she wants and says, "Lila rot. Lila rot."

rot = rock
rot = cute

So I rock her. Usually, it's just her and I. Rocking, rocking, rocking. Me soaking in the stillness of my little kinetic being for about 10 minutes. (On a good day.)

For the past two nights, we've had a third party join us. I sit in the chair in Lila's room and she squeezes in on the right, giving up her normal position on my lap to her baby sister, Vivienne.

They both lean in to me, I lay my head on the back of the chair and we "rot."

And, because Lila demands it, I sing. (This demand will be curbed as soon as she realized that I'm tone deaf.) Still I sing her two faves: rock-a-bye-baby and row, row, row your boat. Over and over and over and over again.

And then it happens...

...Lila extends her finger toward Vivienne and Vivienne grabs it.

And they sit together, on my lap, heads leaning together and holding hands as I rock them.


They hold hands.

Their little precious hands are stuck like glue to one another. They may temporarily separate, but then, quickly - the one finds the other and they're back together. Holding hands.

Every now and then Lila will raise her other hand and it will gently graze Vivi's head or her knee before it goes back to it's rightful position on Petal, her bunny.

But the whole time, they hold hands.

And they're quiet. And they listen. And they just are.

Oh, and this is usually after bath time and they smell absolutely delicious.


My heart stops.

I breathe in their hair.

And, I breathe in the moment.

This is why it happened. This is why Vivienne is here 19 months after Lila. So that they could be sisters.



  1. Isn't it absolutely wonderful? So sweet.

  2. you just gave me chills. beautiful post.

  3. oh, friend. this was awesome. i just got goosebumps and a few tears in my eyes. i love you and i love your little babes.

  4. choking back tears at work... thanks a lot. :) my heart just melts reading this, and makes me so full of hope for a life full of sisterly goodness for your girls.

  5. Loved this post. I would love to see a picture of the three of you together, the girls holding hands, and the love in your eyes as you rock and sing to them.


  6. What a lovely post! Craig needs to sneak a picture of this scene for you one night. :)

  7. umm... I'm totally tearing up over here. That is just beautiful! And you are so smart to savor that moment. To soak it in and remember it for the days again when they are teenagers. :-)

  8. I just cried. You are a blessed momma. I love you three.

  9. So precious. What a gift you have in your two beautiful ladies. . . and a gift they have in you.

  10. I just teared up reading this. How absolutely wonderful.

  11. You're killing me here. I'm crying at my desk at the office. People are going to talk!

    This was amazingly lovely, friend. I LOVE the relationship between your babies and the way you are all just a perfect fit. LOVE.

  12. wow, Kylee.

    First of all, there must be nothing sweeter in this whole entire world.

    I have tears in my eyes.

    But more than that. I LOVE the way your write. I could never have put those feelings and that experience into those words.


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