Lila Love: Tea party

6/28/2011 01:19:00 PM
This morning we had a change of plans. Our childcare person had some other items she had to tend to so I got to spend the morning with my ladies.

Well, Vivienne goes to bed for her first nap of the day (Oh! To be an infant...) around 9 a.m. -- which meant that Lila and I had a solid two hours of "together" time before she woke up to eat around 10:45 a.m.

So, we had our first tea party. [insert big smile here.]

I didn't take pictures, because I was in the moment and maybe because we both weren't dressed appropriately.

Anywho, we laid out a beach towel on the floor in her bedroom. I got out my snowflake plastic platter from Target and we proceeded to prepare. Pretty easy preparation: I added water to her teapot and we were ready to go. (Craig joined us for the first 10 minutes or so before he had to go to work and it was precious seeing him cross-legged on the floor enjoying his "tea" right along with us.) 

Lila loved it. She loved pouring the tea, especially. (She's learning when to chill on the pouring. We overflowed more than a couple of times.) Adding "sugar" and stirring the teacups with her mini spoons was fun, too. She is very particular. (Shocker.) She'd only use her spoon not ours. (Love that kid.)

However, at one point she did try to drink out of all of our cups... She's learning proper tea-party decorum.

My favorite part, though? She refused to call the water "tea" because it was very clearly poured into her teapot from my water bottle just inches away. I'd ask, "Would you like some more tea?" and she'd say, "Agua, Mama. Agua."

Love her.


(Recycled plastic tea set available on amazon.)



  1. I love it! I wanted to make a little felt set for her birthday while you were in the states... except we're moving in 12 days (so it may take longer than planned :) ) Something appropriate for teatime, perhaps? Unless there are more favorite food items in the B household - I'm open to suggestions!

  2. It probably sounds crazy that I've been waiting for a post like this. There are few things as wonderful as a simple little tea party with a little girl. So cool that C was able to join you, too!

    Yippie for little girls!!


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