Lap desks. Cake. Cleanser.

One of my best recent purchases would have to be this VERY cool computer lap desk from Brookstone. (I know, I know. It doesn't get any cooler than this.)  I bought the orange one. Because everything I buy is orange. (Computer cover, phone cover, kindle cover, computer bag, ipad cover... I really need to change it up one day. I think it's my signature color. Mary Kay had pink. Little Richard has purple. I have orange.)

I grew up using lapdesks. Why? Because from a very early age my agenda was full of crafty-crafts like coloring and drawing. This little device made me more efficient (and comfortable) then and now.

Indeed, the tops of my legs actually just thanked me as they are no longer on fire after 20 minutes of blogging from the couch.

Cost on brookstone: $39.95. (I bought it from Rue-la-la for $20.00)


Three things about cake.

#1. If you're still eating warm cake, stop it. Stop it right now. Put your cake in the fridge then wait and eat it the next day. Cold cake is a gift from God. Warm cake is like warm milk. It's gross.

#2. January 27th was chocolate cake day. I know, right? I had no idea either. I apologize for not having known this and then alerting you.

#2. I've never been inspired to make a cake like the one above. You know, with layers and stuff.  I have only ever made a cake a.) out of a box and b.) in either a standard 9 x 13 pan, 8 x 8 pan or cupcake pan. I have never attempted a layered cake, a cake that requires food coloring or baking in more than one pan or a cake that is made from what they call, "scratch."  I just haven't.

I haven't gotten the drive or the desire.

Don't get me wrong, I admire those cakes wholeheartedly. And I think the bakers of those cakes have talent, vision and patience.

Me, though? I'd rather just eat the cake.

Then blog about it.


I use bare minerals and bought their "deep cleansing foam" on a whim.

It smells like donuts. (Awesome.)

It dries out my face. (Not awesome.)

I shan't be purchasing it agian.

I wrote a review on sephora (ofCourseIdid), care to read it? (click to make larger - or click here to see the product.)

That's all.


  1. Loved my lapdesk when I was younger. I've thought about getting one a few times recently, but just didn't. Maybe I will.

    Cake? eh. cold or warm, it's just eh to me.

    Good note on the cleanser. I have one of their other cleansers, I have no idea what it's called, but it is in powder format. It's odd, but works really well. I actually save it for travel, then I have one less liquid to worry about!

  2. I love cake in all forms - cold, warm, frozen, cup, it's amazing.

    I also enjoy making cake from scratch. The time it takes to make a lovely perfect cake!!

    But seriously, I froze cake one time trying not to eat it, like, ok, well if it's frozen, maybe I won't eat it. WRONG! It's extra good then.

  3. You and I have the exact same cake resume. Know that. :)

  4. cake should be cold. i like cake.

  5. I would like some cold cake right this second. Preferably shared across a table with you. :)

    I really need a lap desk. Working from home four days a week, my legs need a break from, you know, being on fire. (Yes, I should be sitting at my very lovely desk. But most of the time I don't want to.)

    Question about said lap desk: Since it has a cushy bottom, do you feel like your laptop is kind of off-kilter?

  6. You're funny! My husband likes his cake cold too. He always puts a couple slices in the fridge and eats them later.

    I always make double decker cakes. It makes me feel "fancy". We have this cute glass cake platform with a glass bowl that goes over the top. Of course I got it as a wedding gift and feel like I have to use it. :0)

  7. I bought a lap desk with an LED light (fancy lady) last year and I LOVE it. I don’t have a laptop computer, but I use it when balancing my check book or paying bills or doing puzzle books. You cannot go wrong with a lap desk!

    I don’t know if I have a preference on how I eat my cake. I have had it cold and it is delicious and I have had it room temperature and it is also delicious. The only preference I really have is I MUST have ice cold milk with cake. If it starts getting room temperature I put it back in the fridge. Cold cold milk ALL the way!

    Oh and I LOVE making layered cakes! Maybe not that many layers, but I like at least a couple layers. More frosting that way :)

    If I was interested in buying that product and read that review I would have found it VERY helpful!

  8. I bought one. Unfortunately not that kind. I'm a newbie to lapdesks and unfortunately bought a 15" one for my 17" laptop. And, it sucks.


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