I've outdone myself.

6/09/2011 07:36:00 PM
C. went to Californ-eye-aye to see his best friend.

As per my usual practice, I sent a few packages to his buddy's house for C. to bring back for me.

Nicely done, Kylee.

Nicely. Done.


  1. hehehehehehe. speaking of, do YOU need anything from the states? i don't know about a frosty, but what else can't you get? fruit rollups? pop tarts? anything?

  2. LOL! That is awesome, is Craig really putting all that in his suitcase? He is a saint...

  3. i already know you married a good man, but schlepping all that stuff home to you makes him a saint. :) you really DID outdo yourself.... he he he.

  4. One of those is from me!! :)

    (Agreed: That Craig is a keeper.)


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