I'm not an ice cream person.

We very rarely have ice cream in the freezer.
We're not big on it. 
(I'd rather have cake. Or a cake.)


Still, in honor of Lila's birthday we have this. And every time I eat it I want to email Haagen-Dazs directly and thank them for making it.



  1. you keep corn muffin mix in your freezer? have I been doing it wrong for years? please let me know.

  2. No - you are NORMAL.

    We are not.

    Truth is, in Mexico bugs like to eat our food. So, we keep a lot of "powdered and dry foods" like muffin mix, pancake mix and cereal in the freezer.

    But I will say, COLD cereal with COLD milk is INCREDIBLE.

  3. dulce de leche is a slippery, slippery slope. consider yourself warned.

  4. MMMMMMMMMMMM.....ice cream (in the Homer J. Simpson voice).


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