Happy Birthday, Lila Ross

Just a year ago, this was my baby.

Sweet, sweet Lila.

Did I blink?

Because my sweet baby? She's no longer here. In her place is a big girl.

A big girl who knows what she wants. A big girl who has known what she wanted since birth.

A big girl who is turning out to be one funny kid.

It's true, in that baby's place is the coolest kid ever. (I will forever love this picture.)

She's quirky and fun.

She's quiet and introspective.

She's everything I prayed for.


Lila Ross, this past year has been the year of growth. Of changes. You went from being dependent on us -- well as dependent as you'd allow, to being more and more independent.

You moved on to your big girl carseat.

You learned to walk!

You have an admirable appetite. (And metabolism.)

Your crib is no longer.

My baby, you've grown!

You talk so much more. You communicate with us on such a regular basis. Just last night I was up with you in the middle of night and I was making silly faces at you... trying to make you smile. You wouldn't do it... you wouldn't do it... you wouldn't do it... but finally you cracked a smile and said, "Oh, Mommy..."

As in, "Oh, Mommy. You're so silly. You know just what to do to make me smile."

And in my heart I thought, "Oh, Lila. You're so silly. You know just what to do to make me smile."

You dress like this.
And wear swim diapers on your arms.

You're independent. And industrious. And quite the multi-tasker.

And you're so loving and so kind.

I distinctly remember my last weekend with you before your little sister came into the world. I remember thinking, "She's not going to be my baby anymore... This isn't going to be good."

(Here you are the day before Vivienne was born...)

I was wrong.

You will always be my baby.

After your sister got here, I realized that my capacity to love was greater than I expected. And all of my nervousness about bringing another baby into our family disintegrated because of you. Because from the moment she was introduced to you, you loved her. 

She is yours to take care of.

And you don't take this responsibility lightly.

Your relationship with her... oh, it warms this mommy's heart.

You're the sweetest thing, my sweet pickle.

I love your laugh.

I love your expressions.

I love when you lean your head back into your neck and roll your eyes and talk with a deep voice JUST to make us laugh.

During this year, you've changed.
You've needed us on your own terms. You hug. You kiss. You lean in to us. 

Listening to you speak makes us laugh more than five times each day. What 2-year-old likes to say, "walrus" as much as you? I don't know.


You also love to say noodles (new-news), juice and cheese. You're putting words together, too. They often go like this: 

"Lila noodles please."

"Lila more cheese."

Or my favorite is when I walk in the door at 5:00 p.m., you look at me, skip the formalities and demand, "Lila cake. Cake please. Lila cake."

I get it.

I like cake, too.

Lila, you're too much.


You don't cry any more when we wash your hair!
You say, "excuse me" when you want to get by.
You pet Ferg. Profusely.
You let us know when your routine is off by reminding us what we need to do.
You open the fridge and stand there looking for something to eat.
You love sidewalk chalk.
You love going to Home Depot with your Daddy.
Your cousin Chloe is your favoritest person ever.
You love to "meat".
You will not go in a pool without swimmies on.
The minute you wake up, you yell, "All done!" to alert us that indeed, you are FINISHED sleeping.
You have never, ever given us trouble about brushing your teeth. You love it. You even love having your tongue brushed.
You are still an amazing sleeper.
You request clippies for your hair every morning. Right now you like the cupcake, taco and bee.
Pink. You love pink. You love tulle. You love necklaces.
When you want to wear your tutu, you hula-dance with your hips to let us know.
You call water agua and say, "si" instead of yes.
You love Petal. Still.
Books. Bubbles. Bandaids. You love all three.
Peanut butter and cream cheese are fine foods in your world.
You wave to people in the store and say "byeeeee" to everyone.
You talk. All the time. Continuously. Even at bed time. For an hour.
You sing. You sing to Vivienne. It's precious.
You read. You love your books - especially Goodnight Moon and Daddy Hugs.
You love the park.
You share so well. 
You love Aunt Trish's house.
You love talking to your Nana on the phone and you love it when your Mimi visits.
You wake up in the morning saying, "Lila go?" because you always on the move.
When Ferg drops her bone or a toy, you pick it up and give it to her.
Every time I pick you up to put you into your highchair, you kiss me. 
You love to color, mostly on yourself.
You adore otter pops.

Lila Ross, I could go on and on...


My little honey-bunches-of-oats, I will love you with all my heart and all my soul forever because you deserve nothing less.

It's funny how it's YOUR birthday, yet I feel like I'm the one who gets the gift...

Happy Birthday, sweet baby of mine.

I am so glad that you were born...

your mommy


Lila's birth story is here.

Lila's first birthday post is here




  1. Big tears of joy. . .

    Happy Birthday, Miss Lila and a big Congratulations to K and C on the marvelous job you are doing with this beautiful little girl who made you Mommy and Daddy.

    Just beautiful. . .

  2. Oh man, I read this last night in my Reader while proctoring an exam. I was crying uncontrollably. Until, that is, the cake comment. Then, I busted up laughing. There is no doubt my students think I'm nuts. ;)

    Happy Birthday Miss Lila! I hope she has a great day!

  3. Nothing but smiles from this reader.

    :D :D :D :D


    She's so awesome and funny... she's learned from the best!

    What a sweet, sweet post. I hope you all enjoy this special day.

  5. Oh, I'm crying.

    Ky, this was beautiful and wonderful and just...lovely. What a special daughter you have -- and what a great mommy you are. :) Love you all. And happy birthday, Lila!

  6. Lila - Happy Birthday, Big Girl - Love, Auntie M.

    this little firecracker is growing up before our eyes. i love her little personality and, in my biased opinion, you are both doing a fantastic job of raising this one.

    and don't forget your future son-in-law Michael Buble.... (not to be confused with her love of bubbles, since they both sound so similar when she talks about them).

    oh - and another personal favorite - when she wants to work out on the yoga mat that looks like bacon.

  7. Happy Birthday Lila! I cannot BELIEVE she is 2 years old already! Loved this entire post - loved all of the photos!

  8. happy birthday dear one!

    your internet aunties love you bunches.

    (the peep picture might win 'best of' forever.)

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Lila!

    and Happy Birthday Mama.

    What an adorable, fun, infectious little girl. I hope you all have an amazing day!

  10. The thing about friends who live so far away... your babies seem to grow up in a millisecond1 I can't believe you've been a mom for TWO YEARS.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

    I think it's wonderful that she'll have this blog as a record of how very much her mommy loves her.

  11. What an amazing post for her 2nd B-day. Lila sounds so much like Keira! She has been demanding "Birthday Cake" for the last week. Her B-day isn't until July 2nd.

    The photos of them together are so sweet!! They are both SO CUTE. You make pretty babies.

    I'm so jealous Lila's potty trained. I can't get Keira (or Henry) to go on the potty even once!!!

  12. Oh mylanta. I'm crying. When I picture her I still see her a Fifi size. Oh the time, it flies.

    Her bikini made me die.

  13. oh, ky. i'm just so moved by this beautiful love letter to lila (because let's be honest... that's what it is), and by the love you all have for each other. it's so inspiring to watch your relationships with each other unfold, change, and grow. and seriously? the picture of your cupcakes holding hands? that was the clincher... i'm a puddle. :)

  14. Happy Birthday, Lila!!

    What a wonderful and sweet post. Loved reading every word and seeing every picture. She has grown up SO much....I just can't believe it!

    I just love seeing Lila's personality in these pictures....what a funny and beautiful little girl!!

  15. Thanks so much, everyone. Today was an incredibly wonderful day.

  16. Happy Birthday Ms. Lila Ross!! You are so sweet and I love seeing your progress! I want to give you a big hug and smooch for your bday.

    I had to read this while NOT at work since I thought it might make me cry...yep.

    I loved the part about you feeling like you are the one getting the gift. Beautiful.

    PS - Is that a big top cupcake?


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