Fruit Salad

6/23/2011 08:38:00 AM

I subscribe to the notion that if I cook/bake/assemble a recipe at least once I can claim it to be my recipe.

For Lila's party I made this fruit salad and I felt it was great.

2 cups blueberries
2 cups cut-up strawberries, slivered, if you will
2 cups cantaloupe
2 cups firm bananas
2 cups kiwi, cut up

In a separate small bowl mix about 5 tablespoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of lime or lemon juice. (Depending on if you have limes or lemons... I used limes. Because I live in Mexico.)


Drizzle honey/lime mixture over the top of the fruit, combine/mix. Refrigerate and ENJOY.

Assembly time: Eh, maybe 10 minutes.

AWESOME for a quick summer side-dish.

(I'd throw in whatever fruit you have/that's in season. The original recipe called for blackberries and no melon or kiwi. And they threw in poppy seeds. I opted against the poppy seed inclusion so as to avoid awkward moments for others. Who likes poppy seeds in their teeth? I'll tell you who, NO ONE.)



  1. huh - that actually sounds quite delicious. i will have to give it a go. thanks!

  2. LOL @the poppy seeds! If I ever am out & have an offending food (poppy seeds, spinach) I give my fiance the nudge & smile and he knows what that means...check my teeth! (on the sly of course)

  3. Oh, looks delish!

    Oh my goodness, one time in high school I told my "friend" she had broccoli in her teeth. I told her and she was SO MAD AT ME. Told me she didn't care and lalala. WEIRD. I've ALWAYS been thankful for salvation from awkward mouth moments.


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