Craig says: How we're going to raise our girls.

I was just browsing The Facing Book and ran across a facebook "friend" who we've known since she was about 8. She's 19 now. And, like most in her age-range, she's got a few questionable photos posted. Most notably ones with her in a bikini with no water to be found.

Craig caught a quick glimpse and immediately ranted said this:

"Our girls are never allowed to post pictures of themselves in swimsuits EVER on the internet.

Got that?

We're together on this.

..and if they try, I'll take away the computer AND the camera AND their cell phones.

If they want to send pictures, they're going to have to mail them.

And you can quote me on that."





  1. Kylee I just love this post...I love seeing your generations grow as advise I can give you parents and not best friends to your children...set examples and live them....parenting is not a popularity contest...Good luck...God bless....and I'll be watching!

  2. Hahahaha yes! We are expecting our first and it's a little girl. I'm quite positive my husband is 100% in agreement with this rule too!

  3. Oh this made me giggle. But Sean and I feel the same. NO sexy photos or this kid is grounded until she's 60.

  4. I think that Craig has the RIGHT idea there!!


  5. If we had a daughter my A. has already stated no volleyball for them, have you seen the shorts they wear?


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