Because that almost makes sense.

Airline travel has become ridiculous.

Baggage fees, overall increases in cost, stroller regulations, I could go on and on.

We're heading to the States in July. Flying to Dallas and taking a road trip to Oklahoma and then Missouri. (Missouri is where my Mom and sister live.)

That said, care to know the cost of Vivienne's ticket as an infant riding on our laps?


That's TWELVE dollars.


We're not taking The Ferg this time around because the house we rented isn't pet friendly. (Long story.)

If we WERE taking her, guess how much it would be: $250.00

Yes, that's $125.00 each way.

This is for a dog that sits in a CARRIER under my SEAT as if she were just a regular 'ole carry-on bag or laptop.



$12.00 for Vivivenne.
$250.00 for Ferg.

I hate American Airlines.

*Note, I know that I don't HAVE to travel with Ferg - but the truth is, she's family. When we head to Ohio in October for Iris Took's wedding (YAY!) we'll be using our miles and all of us will fly for about $200.00... except Ferg, who will cost us $250.00. Stupid.


  1. I hate air travel nowadays, so I avoid it. We travel by mini van (yes, mini van) everywhere we go. I'm including our cross-country trips in this (for example, from Toledo to Seattle and back).

    Anyway, a few years ago, even before all these airline changes, my boss's stroller was damaged while traveling. It was the airline's fault, but they would not take ANY responsibility for it. (check the airline contract - they will not take responsibility for anything like that. It's in the fine print). It was a NICE stroller, too. One I could not afford.

  2. That Ferg is precious cargo. ;)

  3. Is Ferg staying with us?


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