Baby Product Review: Ergo Sport Baby Carrier

I bought an Ergo Baby sport baby carrier back when Lila was a bit younger. Loved it with her. Then I got pregnant and had to stop wearing it because who needs to have a 25 lb. kid on your back and a 15 lb. baby on your front.

Anywho, Lila had grown up and out of the Baby Bjorn and I needed a carrying-option that wouldn't break my back and/or shoulders.

(That's not Lila. That's Vivienne.)

Reasons why I *love* this thing.

1.) Holy comfort. I can carry Vivienne or Lila in the Ergo Baby Sport for hours without discomfort. The weight is evenly distributed on your hips and waist -- not on your shoulders. WAH-WHO. And, the shoulders are padded. As in, well-padded.

2.) The Ergo sport is big enough for men (Craig's 6' tall)  and women. (I'm about 5' 3". I say 5' 4" on my license. However, that's a lie. There. I confess. I lied on my license.)

3.) It's easily washable. You throw it in the washing machine, dry it on low heat and wah-la, you're ready to go.

I wear this nearly everyday with Vivienne. She likes to be held. I like to hold her. And, I like to have my hands free.

We bought the "sport" version of the ergo carrier and I will say that sometimes it feels a bit "wide" and I wonder if I should have just gotten the standard (not "sport") Ergo. I bought the Ergo sport because the fabric was allegedly more lightweight than it' counterpart and I thought it would be good for the Cabo heat. Bottom line? When it's 89 degrees, it doesn't matter if you have a sport weight or a regular cotton baby carrier - they're ALL hot in my book.

Now, the Ergo sport is definitely usable for infants with a hand-dandy infant insert. (See here and below.) However, I didn't use it because I had a Baby Bjorn so I just used that in the beginning. Now, the Baby Bjorn is my go-to only if my Ergo Sport is in the laundry.

Keep in mind that when you use the Ergo the baby/toddler can actually only be seated one of two ways:

1.) When you're wearing your baby on the front -- she can only face toward you. (In the Bjorn, the baby can face out or face you.) There are differing schools of thought on this - some say that babies shouldn't be facing out because they can't turn away from stimuli.

2.) When you're wearing your baby on the back -- she can only face the back of your head. (Duh.)

And, keep in mind that you can carry a baby up to 40 lbs. in the Ergo Baby -- however they've tested it for up to 90 lbs. (That would be like carrying my sister on my back.)


All in all, I love this thing. If I could do it all over again, I would have skipped the Bjorn and bought this.


**Full disclosure: I wasn't paid to write this. Nor did I get any free perks from anyone. However, I'd like to French benefits.



  1. I got a baby bjorn from my mom. I hope I like it. This looks so comfy.

    Very VERY cute pics of Vivienne.

  2. She is ADORABLE! I have the ergo baby sport carrier and I love it- but you can't use the insert with it. Great post!


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