Vivienne Viernes: 16 weeks old

Sweet Vivienne Kate is getting kinda of fun.

Highlights of the past two weeks:

  • We took the infant seat adapter off the stroller and took our first walk without it. Very exciting. (Lila's on the phone below. Vivienne looks "full.")

  • She's rolling, rolling, rolling all over the place.

  • She's amped up the thumb-sucking. Big time.
  • Speaking of rolling, she's a belly sleeper. [gasp!] This is hard for me to handle. (I worry...)
  • She's growing up and now is a big enough girl to take baths with her big sister. (SO cute. It's too much.)
  • She's sleeping great. Usually from about 8:00-8:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. she sleeps. She eats at 11 p.m., goes back to bed and wakes up anywhere from 6 a.m. - 8 a.m. We're lucky.
  • Laughing. Oh, the laughing. The smiling and laughing is so great. And, someone just found out that her sister is who-larious.

  • Her U.S. birth certificate abroad and her U.S. passport were "lost" in Tijuana then allegedly "found". We're hoping to get them in about 2 weeks. (When I say "hoping", I'm actually meaning, "praying".)
  • She's grabbing everything. So fun to watch.
  • Vivienne had a "bohn's nodule" that has gone away. Had no idea that existed. And, she still has her clogged tear duct. I'm also hoping/praying that clears up, too. 
  • The drooling has started. It's big time, all the time.
I think that's about it! On to the pics.

In honor of Pirates of the Caribbean coming out... "Argh".

Cute little face.

Always smiling.

I love when she finishes eating and is exhausted and falls asleep sitting up. While being burped.

Precious girl.

Ferg was a little annoyed that Vivienne wouldn't play with her. So...

...she put her giraffe on her head. "Um, throw it. Please?" (See my thumbsucker?)

I just love how straight out Vivienne is in this show. And, of course I love Ferg who never leaves her ladies' sides.

Drooling. :)

My little peanut.

She is wearing sweatpants. Stop it. So cute.

Ah, she started liking petting Ferg recently. Ferg's cool with it... for the most part.

The girls playing. :)

"What up, Mommy? I'm strengthening my core."

Playing with our friend, Trophy Life. (Who, by the way, is AMAZING with little ones.)

The tea party continues.

Sleepy Vivienne with Aunt Trophy Life.

AH! I love her.

I love that nose.

The eyes are still a greyish-greenish-not-brown color.

Care to see this fine hairline? Little light on the top, little light in the back, but nice and thick at the top of the collar. NICE.

Lila was playing with a return label from one of the items that Trophy Life brought for me... she put it on her sister's head.

I'm not going to lie - when I took it off it took a few strands of [precious] hair with it.

Ah, to be the baby...

 Have a great weekend!




  1. Oh my gosh! When did she become a little girl? It's going too fast. She is so strong pushing herself up and rolling over. I feel like A. Is far from that. But it could happen so fast. She is adorable. Lila looks great with her. Too fun.

  2. Oh goodness, I can't believe how big she is getting! I love the baby sweat pants. Adorable.

    ...and I didn't know she had a clog duct. Ugh. S had double clogged ducts until she was 10 months old. They kept pushing us for surgery and it just didn't feel right to me. I couldn't do it. Hers were so bad. She always looked like she was crying (red, watery eyes). One day, when she was 10 months old, she woke up and they were both gone. Just like that. Hasn't had an issue since. It was so nerve wracking. Hang in there!

  3. She's a doll! I loved the picture of the two girls playing. So precious.


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