Vivienne Viernes: 14 weeks old

Confession: what with going back to work, potty training and life, I didn't write a Vivienne Viernes last week. So, to make up for it, I've added twice the photos.

Q. What's new with Vivi?
A. Everything! She's come alive. She's coo'ing and laughing all the time. And smiling. There's a lot of smiling.

Q. How's she doing growth-wise?
A. GREAT! At her 3-month visit she weighed in a 6 kilos. (13.2 lbs) and she's 23.6 inches long. (She's grown about 3 inches since birth.)

Q. What's her personality like?
A. Vivienne is still very tranquila, yet when she's angry she doesn't cry: she screams. I cannot TELL you how many times C. and I have heard her scream and looked at one another and just laughed. It sooo ridiculous.

She also watches everything. She likes to be cozy, but I think she's growing out of her swaddling blankets. She requires that her hands be left out. Well, most of the time. (It appears that she's still not fully-able to control her spastic arms.)

Q. What color are her eyes?
A. While I was sort of hoping she'd have brown eyes like me, they're looking more and more like her sister's and her Daddy's. They're steel blue right now and appear to be going hazel-ish.

Q. How's her routine?
A. Oh, I wish I had her routine. She wakes up between 6-7 a.m., naps throughout the day and eats every 3 hours. She goes to bed around 8:30 p.m. and wakes up again at 11 p.m. to eat - then wah-la! More sleeping. Oh, we are blessed with good sleepers. (Thank you, God.)

Ok, on to the fun stuff. The pics.

In the mornings, these two like to be cozy.

Um, I think it's time to start using the seatbelt on the swing.

Lila had requested that her sister wear an accessory.
Vivienne was not pleased with that decision.

For once! A pacifier!

(I love seeing my babies use the blankets I made for them.)

Happy Vivienne! (That's her first mosquito bite on her left cheek.)

It's true. We didn't have quite enough baby equipment in our family room... So now Vivienne's in the jumper!

I love that smile. Here she is on a walk.


Ferg is the best babysitter.

So I leave Vivi's room for one minute, walk back in and find this.

"Mommy? Save me. Does she know that I'm not her doll?"

So then Lila goes to get her blanket. (This one was made by Sarah's mom and is among Lila's faves.)

She also got her pillow.

How cute are these two?


Talking and gazing.

This was my last day of maternity leave.

Vivienne's first Easter egg hunt.


Hanging out with her Daddy.

Relaxing together.

This is Lila telling me that she'd like to hold Vivienne for one minute longer.

Sisters chatting.

Arm behind the head. Stop the cuteness.

Tongue out. The tongue is always out.

Oh, I love that face.

Have a great weekend.




  1. Such pretty little girls! Vivi is getting so big...I swear you just had her!

  2. That last comment was me...guess I was signed it differently. whoops.

  3. All these pictures are so sweet! I love the ones of your girls together. And the one of you holding Vivienne is just beautiful.

  4. They are just so precious and getting so big! Lila is quite the big sister! I love all of the pictures! Happy Mother's Day weekend to you!

  5. Sooo cute!

    P.s. Evan was sitting next to me while I was reading this post. He looks over and says "Wow Mom that is a lot of heads".

    I just started laughing!

  6. Oh my. . . so sweet! Love the pics of the two of them together and the one of Vivi for the Easter egg Hunt. So precious.

    They are both beautiful!!

  7. Every single time I see a pic of this doll, I think "Gosh, she's looking less and less like her sister. She's her own little beauty."

    I Love it.

    I adore the facial expression in the "Easter Egg Hunt."

    I LOVE that Lila loves her so much, and want to hold her and cuddle her. I'm not sure you could have asked for it better.

    (and my mom will be happy to know Lila loves her blanket!)

  8. I'm so at a loss...14 weeks? I swear, she was just born.

    I love all of the sister photos! What sweet, sweet girls you have.

  9. These photos were great! I love the montage! It's so sweet to see the sisters together.

  10. the cuteness is almost too much. i LOVE that lila is loving her sister. that's the coolest thing ever. they are both BEAUTIFUL little girls, k. hope you feel doubly-blessed this mother's day!


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